Hating Whites Has Become Profitable For Many in the USA

Hating Whites Has Become Profitable For Many in the USA. By the Z-Man.

It is conventional wisdom on certain parts of the Right that the anti-white animus we see on the Left is nothing but a practical solution to a political problem. For years, Steve Sailer has been pitching the idea that the Left has to keep its non-white auxiliaries focused on the evil white man. Otherwise they will notice they don’t like one another all that much and begin squabbling. The implication is the Left is not really anti-white. They just work that double-game for practical political consideration.

Another way to frame it is the Cold Civil War that John Derbyshire described twenty years ago. This imagines the political battle field as the good whites, the old Yankee coalition, versus the bad whites, the old Confederate coalition. The good whites use anti-bad-white language to recruit non-white auxiliaries. At the same time, the bad whites rely on subtle calls to racial solidarity to bring in whites from outside the Old South, including disaffected whites in good white areas.

The implication of this view is that the anti-white rhetoric is just a pose. The good whites are not really anti-white, as they themselves are white. …

This way of imagining the Left is comforting, as it suggests they will come to their senses at some point and pull back from their suicidal leap into multiculturalism. It also means it is possible to appeal to their humanity and decency. …

What is becoming clear today is the rhetoric from the Left is not just a clever way to organize their coalition. It is not just esoteric language in the cold civil war. The Left really does hate white people.

This is plain when you watch their candidates react to news events. They sound like ambitious pols in the African National Congress, trying to establish themselves as the cutting edge. Their favorite chant these days is to claim America is haunted by white supremacist going back to the founding.

Hating whites is now an avenue to political success:

The [promises at the founding of the USA] cannot be complete until all men are equal, which means as long as whites are seen as doing better than non-whites, the task remains unfinished. The conclusion of our rulers is that the …founding can only be completed when there are no more white people.

That’s how we got to this place where anti-white proselytizing is becoming something of a religion for the ruling class. It’s why bigots like Max Boot and Cathy Young are compelled to lecture white people on their failings. …

People like Max Boot and Cathy Young are not terribly bright, but they are ambitious. They stake out these positions because it helps them gain entry to the elite of their field. Boot, despite being wrong about everything for decades, has a perch at the Washington Post. Sarah Jeung landed a prized spot on the New York Times editorial board, based solely on her emotional rants against white people on Twitter. Today, hating white people is the key to success.