Blacks, POC, immigration, and anti-white animus in the USA

Blacks, POC, immigration, and anti-white animus in the USA, by Steve Sailer.

The accelerating Scramble for America, in which the world’s 7.5 billion pre-Americans stake their claim to the USA, offers numerous benefits for American elites, such as lower wages to pay, higher prices for their property, more pliable voters, and greater opportunities to trade visas to foreigners in return for meddling abroad.

From the Beltway perspective, the only problem is that America’s current voters don’t much see what’s in it for them from immigration, other than more ethnic restaurants.

Although this basic logic is hushed up, Americans more or less understand that they benefit from owning a vast country that is still relatively lightly populated compared with, say, India or Nigeria.

Why share your rightful property with newcomers? For example, Jeff Bezos owns both the pro-immigration Washington Post and over 300,000 acres of very private property in the U.S.

Which advice should you trust more? What Bezos’ editorial page tells you that you ought to vote for or what Bezos chooses for himself?

The answer is obvious. Hence, an increasingly hysterical propaganda campaign is being waged to bully Americans into conceding their birthright in America.

The stratagem of choice lately has been to demonize any attempt to limit the quantity or improve the quality of immigrants as “white racism” or “white supremacy” or “white nationalism,” and assert guilt by association with the latest (but one) mass shooter.

For example, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke denounced the president’s call for more effective immigration laws:

Only a racist, driven by fear, could witness what took place this weekend—and instead of standing up to hatred, side with a mass murderer’s call to make our country more white. …

Why are the non-whites (“poc”) all ganging up on whites?

One of the less understood problems facing America is why the native white population has become the despised target of ethnic activists from all the immigrant groups. Why the assumption in the U.S. that all “people of color” should be united against whites when African-Americans and newcomers obviously have numerous different interests?

Indeed, in the past, immigrants tended to get on each other’s nerves, and thus wound up in different parties. For example, Italians in the New York area tired of Irish leaders bossing them around in the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party, so many chose the Republican Party.

But the current political homogeneity of the latest nonwhite immigrants traces back to the Nixon administration’s disastrous decision to extend affirmative action beyond blacks and American Indians to even the most privileged immigrants, such as Nixon’s Cuban pal Bebe Rebozo. This absurd policy of awarding racial preferences over whites to immigrants as soon as they step off the jetliner provides a financial incentive that unites immigrant politicians with blacks to continue to exploit whites.

The obvious proof of this is how South Asians got themselves removed from the government’s Caucasian category forty years ago so they could qualify for minority business development preferences, and how West Asians talked the Obama administration into removing them from the white category in early 2019. (Fortunately, Obama dawdled long enough on this that Trump could put it on hold.)

If America didn’t legally privilege nonwhites, there wouldn’t be so much incentive for racial activists to demonize whites to guilt-trip them into continuing to submit to legal discrimination.

In turn, if black politicians didn’t see immigration as a way to import Democratic voters to protect their affirmative-action privileges, they wouldn’t see much point in demanding more immigrants.

What America needs now to heal from its current pathological politics is the abolition of affirmative action for anybody other than blacks and Native Americans, and a moratorium on net immigration so no party can rig elections through importing ringers.

So, it’s the whites’ fault for being so generous and racist with government aid and privileges. Solution: Color-blind government.