When James Bond Died

When James Bond Died, by Taylor Millard.

In 2015, James Bartholomew coined the phrase “virtue signaling,” the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character. There was a time, not that long ago, when things were different, when the word virtue signified courage and fortitude. Once associated with decency and integrity, virtue is now a dirty word. …

New Bond movie, Bond 25:

The new script appears to be catering to the #MeToo mob. According to various reports, the script writer, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has decided to take a vastly different approach to the time-tested and much loved character. But don’t worry, folks, Waller-Bridge doesn’t want to change Bond. No, she merely wants to change how the James Bond franchise treats women. In other words, she wants to transform the character.

As Paulina Enck at The Federalist writes, “The iconic and evocative phrase ‘Bond Girl’ has allegedly been banned from set. The love interest from the previous film, played forgettably by Lea Seydoux, will return as Bond’s serious girlfriend.”

Yes, James Bond, a renowned lothario, is now in a serious relationship. Not only stripped of his bed hopping superpowers, Bond also finds himself stripped of his 007 moniker. Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch is now the proud owner of the illustrious code number. Again, no need to worry folks; Bond is still Bond. He’s just no longer 007 or a sex god, two things synonymous with the character. A bit like saying Superman, minus the cape and the ability to fly, is still Superman.

Lashana Lynch, the new 007

As Enck notes, Lynch’s casting is clearly “paving the way for a lefty’s dream and a Bond fan’s nightmare: a female-helmed James Bond.”

Slowly but surely, James Bond is being transformed into Jasmine Bond, a feminist vegan with a penchant for Nicholas Spark’s novels and long walks on the beach. …

When too much virtue signaling is never enough:

Diversity appears to come at a cost. By stripping the likes of Thor and James Bond of their powers – or, in Me Too speak, their “toxic masculinity” – the movies lose their very essence. Moreover, such a move, especially with Bond, betrays the work of Ian Fleming, the character’s creator.

Instead of making insincere gestures, perhaps Hollywood needs to focus on creating better movies, replete with investable characters and rich storylines. If James Bond can be more or less erased, where does the madness end?

James Bond is dying not because he was unpopular with audiences, but because leftist virtue signalers killed him.

But like they say, “get woke go broke.” Looking forward to it, Ms Broccoli.