Twilight of the Eco-Loons. Environmentalism Has Reached Peak Absurdity and Hypocrisy

Twilight of the Eco-Loons. Environmentalism Has Reached Peak Absurdity and Hypocrisy, by James Delingpole.

Dozens of Hollywood A-listers, pop stars and royalty including Leonardo Di Caprio, Katy Perry and Prince Harry raise awareness of global warming by flying to Sicily in 114 private jets to attend a Google Camp on the theme of climate change. Did they think – what? – that we wouldn’t notice the irony here?

Prince Harry confides that he is only going to have two children by his current wife – ex-Suits actress and Vogue editor Meghan Markle – because any more would apparently be bad for the planet. (This is the same Meghan Markle – aka the Duchess of Sussex – who flew home by private jet earlier this year after travelling to New York for a baby shower). …

Three eco-warriors plucked from Extinction Rebellion’s street protests to model for Stella McCartney’s new fashion campaign are revealed by the Mail on Sunday to have racked up 135,000 air miles between them in recent years on their vital mission to save the planet.

Pig-tailed activist Greta Thunberg announces she is to cross the Atlantic in the most eco-friendly way possible: on a yacht built of environmentally toxic carbon-fibre at the height of the hurricane season. …

Thermometer games spark heat records:

Meanwhile, in the real world, the climate stubbornly refuses to do what the greenies would like it to do – so they have to fabricate the evidence instead.

In Germany, what was reported as an all time record temperature high during last week’s heat wave, turned out to come from a weather station so badly sited that one expert estimated that the Urban Heat Island effect could be exaggerating its temperature recordings by as much as 3 degrees centigrade. …

Hunger games?

Most of us, when we watched The Hunger Games and saw the debauched, freakish, selfish, spoilt, arrogant, out-of-touch grotesques who lived in the big city of Panem, realised that it was supposed to be a warning.

But Di Caprio, Katy Perry, George Clooney, Harry Styles, Chris Martin and the various other celebrities promoting this green appear to have mistaken it for an instruction manual.