Dirty Little Secret Revealed by US SAT Scores

Dirty Little Secret Revealed by US SAT Scores, by Al Fin.

Some groups are over-represented in higher education:

Identity politics is making a mockery out of higher education. Many are admitted to elite colleges who cannot be taught, and others who should be admitted are being discriminated against because of their sex and race. In any rational world this wasteful approach to “education” would be considered an outrage. …

Colleges are admitting too many future dropouts, and not enough of the gifted students who could actually benefit from a higher education. ..

Helping less capable youth to reach their potential would be good policy. But placing them in situations where they are almost certain to fail is not an act of compassion. It is an act of hypocritical virtue signaling, and an act of callous cruelty at the same time.

The foolish and cruel policy of “dumbing down the departments” is even more destructive than allowing failed students to drop out with large student loan debt. In a dumbed down university propelled by unearned social promotion, all of society plus the world at large loses.

Who sets the quotas in the upcoming tribal society?