Labor seeks visa ban for controversial speaker ahead of conference

Labor seeks visa ban for controversial speaker ahead of conference, by Max Koslowski.

Labor has called for a former Breitbart editor-in-chief’s visa to be cancelled ahead of an Australian-first conservative conference that features former prime minister Tony Abbott and Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage among its keynote speakers.

Raheem Kassam will speak at next week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an export from the United States where it attracts tens of thousands of attendees every year.

His worst crimes:

Mr Kassam has said the Koran is “fundamentally evil” and tweeted that Scottish National Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon’s legs should be taped shut following a miscarriage “so she can’t reproduce”.

In another tweet he said a former British minister “was in the special needs class” at school, and once described a female political rival as a “wrinkly old ginger bird”.

The 32-year-old, dubbed “Donald Trump on steroids” by one former colleague, was a United Kingdom Independence Party leadership candidate in 2016 and former chief adviser to Mr Farage.

Oooh waaa.

Labor’s Home Affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally said the government should revoke Mr Kassam’s visa for his comments made about women and Islam.

“We should not allow career bigots – a person who spreads hate speech about Muslims, about women, about gay and lesbian people – to enter our country with the express intent of undermining equality,” Senator Keneally said on Tuesday.

People should be banned for not having the correct political opinions, don’t you think, says the Sydney Morning Herald and the Labor Party. Trying it on, trying to censor their political opponents. If they shut Kassam up, who’s next?