The Real Reason Why AFL Fans Booed Adam Goodes

The Real Reason Why AFL Fans Booed Adam Goodes. By Tim Wilms.

Adam Goodes began his AFL career in 1999, won two premierships and two brownlow medals with the Sydney Swans before he was ever booed. His career to that point had been exemplary with no on-field or off-field controversy.

It all began during the Indigenous Round of 2013, when Sydney played Collingwood at the MCG. Adam Goodes and the Swans put on a stellar performance defeating Collingwood by 47 points.

But in the dying moments of the game Goodes is by the boundary and can be seen pointing at a spectator who commentators quickly conclude made a racial slur at Goodes. …

The next day we learned the alleged ‘racist’ fan was a 13 year old girl who called Goodes an ‘ape’ because of his hairy appearance. But Goodes still took it as a racial slur and called her ‘the face of racism in Australia’.

Although he said to leave the girl alone and it wasn’t her fault, Goodes held her up as a form of original white sin, that white Australians are born and raised racist and this was embodied in this 13 year old girl.

Because of Goodes’ bold stand against ‘racism’, and to be fair worthy community work with the Indigenous community he was named the 2014 Australian of the Year.

But it was how Goodes behaved as Australian of the Year that began the boos from AFL fans. Because he was an Indigenous Australian of the Year Goodes was encouraged to subscribe to the black-armband view of Australian history.

First he was asked whether he believed Australia Day was Invasion Day, his answer was he could understand how some could feel sorrow at the day.

Then he was sucked into far-left filmmaker John Pilger’s propaganda film Utopia which alleges that white Australia from colonial times to even the present day has had deliberate policies designed to entrench Indigenous disadvantage.

Goodes said “Utopia has shown me how, over 225 years, the Europeans, and now the governments that run our country, have raped, killed and stolen from my people for their own benefit”.

He always referred to fellow Indigenous Australians as my people, that he was a proud Indigenous man and told white Australia to remember whose land you’re on. But Goodes had a Scottish father, so he had ancestry connected to white Australia yet did not want any association with it.

During his reign as Australian of the Year Adam Goodes supported the ‘Recognise’ campaign to have Indigenous Australians mentioned in Australia’s constitution. It’s a campaign that hasn’t come to a referendum in the current year. He also appeared in the Australian Human Rights Commission ‘Racism, It Stops with Me’ advertising campaign.

Each of Goodes’ entry into hectoring white Australia about their inherent bigotry and racism, that Australia didn’t really belong to them and our history was one of shame saw the boos grow towards the end of the 2014 season.


Goodes as an Australian had reaped the benefits of modern Australian society. His talent as footballer had seen him reach the game’s most elite competition, he had won all there is to win in terms of AFL honours. His large salary was paid for fans of the game who pay to attend matches, buy merchandise and watch on television.

To shove all this opportunity back into the fans faces by getting sucked into the elites’ Aboriginal grievance industry was a grave mistake by Goodes. It wasn’t all his own fault, but he allowed himself to believe that white Australia had forever and continued to systematically shun Indigenous people. Goodes found the backlash something he could not handle. …

AFL fans are not racist, they tolerate the AFL’s social justice rounds for the most part: Indigenous Round, Multicultural Round and the LGBT pride match. But they can be pushed too far; they were by Goodes. …

The lesson from the Goodes booing saga should be this: don’t treat the AFL fans as backward and uneducated filth who it is the job of the game’s administrators and its social justice division to enlighten and educate them about the supposed wrongs of their way of life.

They were booing his political correctness, not his race.