Why the Left So Despises Donald Trump

Why the Left So Despises Donald Trump, by Conrad Black.

The Democrats are almost leaderless. The Clinton faction is discounted by the election result, the appalling fraud of the Steele Dossier, and many unsavory financial questions; President Obama remains somewhat popular but is a rather withdrawn figure. In these circumstances, the frolicsome Democratic Left has made the running, and as usually happens, the more strenuous factions of the party out of the White House have the most energy, which in these times means that the Democrats have made a seismic shift to the left.

This has been magnified by the fact that the further to the economic and foreign-policy left one is, the more repulsive Donald Trump appears. The far-left faction of the Democrats, led by congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, have with this big, very white, rigorously politically incorrect billionaire, that they believe, tactically and by uncontainable impulse, is the target of their political dreams.

Mr. Trump is the personification of every policy they hate and every human trait they despise; to them, he is a monster of ignorance, greed, bombast, bellicosity, and racist bigotry. They are like World War II movie submarine captains seeing a thousand feet ahead of their periscopes a giant enemy oil tanker, inching through still waters.

Big fat target, but is it an oil tanker?

Their hate is real, but their impression of the target is a chimerical mirage. In pursuit of him it is acceptable to say publicly “impeach the motherf***er,” to claim adequately outfitted border detention centers where illegal migrants are fed Big Macs are “concentration camps” where children are forced to drink from toilets, and to demand a green terror, unpatrolled borders, free health care for everyone, doubled income-tax rates in the high and corporate brackets, trillions of dollars for reparations to nonwhites, and legalized infanticide.

All four of them qualify as anti-Semites. As has been widely mentioned, the president is doing what he can to help make these four the best publicly known face of the Democrats. They are, to adapt other lavatory images, drinking their own bathwater, and the president will hang their insane ideas around the Democrats’ necks like a toilet seat. …

Mr. Trump is not a racist. The congresswomen’s attacks on the United States; Ms. Omar’s trivialization and quasi-justification of the 9/11 terrorist attacks; the imputation of racial and sexual bigotry to almost anyone who is not in lockstep with their absurd and nasty opinions, including their own leader, Nancy Pelosi — all are well within their rights of freedom of expression, but are politically suicidal. …

It must be added that there is a last ingredient: Mr. Trump’s refusal to make it difficult for his detractors. No serious person can still claim that Mr. Trump is a fool, given what he has achieved, before he was president and in that office. But he invites questions about his egocentricity. … This president is often gratuitously uncouth in public, and almost unrecognizable to those who know him as a congenial, courteous, and charming man and a fine raconteur. These traits are less frequently in evidence than in earlier days.