Expert testimony that Google sways 2.5 to 10 million votes in a US election

Expert testimony that Google sways 2.5 to 10 million votes in a US election. By John Dunn.

Dr. Robert Epstein, prominent social psychologist, whose research shows that Google can and will swing millions of votes by the way it modifies its searches and prompts releases to Google customers.

The home run statement of Dr. Epstein, who admitted he was a Democrat, is that the rock bottom lowest effect of Google in a US election is 2.5 million votes if it uses its available tools to influence users in voter choices, with the upper effect in a range of more than 10 million votes. …

When confronted with Project Veritas tapes of Google exec commitment to the Democrat party success and willingness to organize an effort to make sure Trump was not re-elected, the Google representative was just short of speechless.

In the last US presidential election, there were about 60 million votes cast for each of Trump and Hillary. Hillary won about about 2 million more votes, with large majorities in a few big coastal cities.

So, Google’s influence is easily enough to sway an election.

Meanwhile, the Left bang on and on about Russian interference, which only amounted to 20 or so online trolls and some tens of thousands of dollars of advertising. (Hillary’s campaign spent over $1b.)