Say it, Republicans! Or just give it up: open borders is treason, the left is anti-white!

Say it, Republicans! Or just give it up: open borders is treason, the left is anti-white! By James Kirkpatrick.

Republicans still don’t know how to talk about race, identity and nation. Which is a problem, because, as an article in Axios recently bragged, “The single biggest threat to Republicans’ long-term viability is demographics.”

The repeating pattern: a Republican 1) says something 2) is accused of racial insensitivity 3) immediately grovels and offers concessions. The mostly white Republican base gets demoralized, the Cultural Marxist Left is emboldened, and the Overton Window shifts in the wrong direction. …

The solution is simple. But it requires a modicum of courage—one person with influence explicitly defending the right of Americans as Americans to defend their interests. For years, American leaders, including supposed “conservatives,” have been saying that anyone who believes in certain “ideas” is an American. Not surprisingly, current American political leaders are taking this to its logical conclusion and saying that America belongs to everyone in the world — not its citizens. As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently declared, the country “belongs to everyone.”

But it doesn’t. It belongs to American citizens. And if American citizens can’t stake an exclusive claim to their own country, then they must admit they simply don’t have one anymore. And if that is the case, whites, like every other group, should collectively organize for their interests in this continental shopping mall masquerading as a nation-state. …

The excellent blogger The Z Man has accurately noted that whites are forever searching for an “external standard against which they can measure their preference.” “Only then can they declare that desire valid,” he wrote, “because it matches that standard. Whites no longer feel as if what they want is valid because they want it.”

Thus, conservative beliefs can only be defended if they are said by a black person, a Jewish person, a Hispanic person, etc. Many non-whites within the Conservative Movement have used this to their economic advantage and have lucrative careers preaching to white audiences at conservative gatherings. …

The solution is for Americans to speak as Americans explicitly in defense of American interests.

What is America? America is a majority-white nation created by Anglo settlers, built upon English legal customs and institutions, and speaking the English language. If it ceases to be these things, it ceases to be America.


Looks like the era of MLK has ended, and tribalism has returned.

One of the great achievements of white (aka European) civilization was that it manged to reduce tribalism to a whisper, to the enjoyment and prosperity of (nearly) all. This worked while whites were a clear majority in their own countries, and they welcomed modest numbers of talented members of other tribes into their midst. Sadly, the left launched a strategy of monopolizing non-white votes to gain power, which led to a creeping tide of anti-white racism. It is now being called, and it’s not clear which way this is going to go.