Republican advertisment attacks the Squad

Republican advertisment attacks the Squad. Notice that it implicitly calls them out for racism and identity politics.

It’s going to be all about race. For two decades the left has built an electoral strategy around a coalition of the fringes and anti-white racism. Quotas! Special treatment! Diversity! Black Lives Matter! White civilization is racist, sexist, etc! White religion is bad!

Tolerant whites have looked on but said little. But now that political power and their future is being taken away by mass non-white  immigration in the US, the uncouth Trump is speaking up. Likewise Europe is finding nationalist leaders who are standing up to the racist tide.

The left trashed the politics of Martin Luther King and went tribal. They started this.

The catch-22, of course, is that to stand up to this sort of racism you look racist yourself. Recognizing white identity and celebrating or defending things white — just like blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Cubans, Somalis, Arab, and every other ethnic group — is indeed mildly racist. Need the media to keep on suppressing that impulse for whites: