Folau sacking is just one of many

Folau sacking is just one of many, by Katrina Grace Kelly.

Australian workers are often accused of having poor productivity, and this could be part of the reason — we lead the world when it comes to posting on social media, according to

About 15 million people are active users on Facebook, with one in two of those using it daily. Nine million people post on Instagram and more than five million tweet on Twitter.

However, when it comes to social media activity and employment, less is best because no matter what precautions are taken there is no such thing as a private social media post. …

Contrary to popular opinion, Israel Folau’s case is not an important test case; it is just another case. The legislation has been around for many years and the boundaries on the social media issue were established long ago.

The Fair Work Commission has taken the view time and again that private posts can lead to a justified job loss, as long as there is a nexus between the post and the employment. …

Australian public servants, according to the federal government, must “ensure their actions don’t provide grounds for a reasonable person to conclude that they can’t serve the government of the day impartially”. Their code of conduct must be followed, employees must uphold “values and principles”, and refrain from criticism of policy or personnel.