Omar still calls Somalia home, hates white men

Omar still calls Somalia home, hates white men. In Minnesota last week:

In 2015:

Doesn’t sound like she has assimilated, does she? Should she be making laws for the US? Sure, because the US belongs to everyone now …

Here is Omar on Al Jazeera advocating racist, sexist policy aimed against white men. Does she hates white people? Listen to that tone.

Btw, her excuse is wrong. 50% of murders in the US are committed by black men between 15 and 40 (about 4% of the population). Does she advocate profiling black men? Speaking of violence, how about profiling Antifa?

Obviously the new left say that profiling is evil and awful, except when it’s done to white men.

In the last few weeks Omar has repeatedly refused to condemn female genital mutilation or Islamic terrorism, berating her questioners as racist.

She probably committed immigration fraud to stay in the US, lying under oath.

Maybe Omar’s role, the reason she is being promoted, is simply to make Elizabeth Warren seem more normal and acceptable.