Mueller’s testimony equals end of any Trump impeachment talk

Mueller’s testimony equals end of any Trump impeachment talk, by Micael Goodwin.

Bumblin’ Bob was a train wreck of epic proportions. The fallout is immediate, starting with this: Impeachment is no longer an option.

It had a slim chance before Wednesday’s painful slog and no chance after it.

Mueller was that bad, seemingly hard of hearing, often confused, and contradicted himself several times.

The Dems’ fantasy of having him breathe life into his report backfired. …

More likely, the 74-year old former FBI director was something of a figurehead for an investigation that was carried out by the team of zealots he ­assembled.

That is not an incidental issue. As Andy McCarthy at National Review has written, and as Trump has repeatedly charged, the prosecutors were ­primarily people who had donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats or who otherwise made known their support for her. …

Mueller’s detachment may also explain the bizarre standard his team created, where Trump’s presumption of innocence was shredded because they could not find sufficient evidence to “exonerate” him. Several Republicans pointed out that prosecutors either file charges or don’t, but have never imposed the impossible standard of exoneration. …

From start to finish, Trump was targeted by partisan law enforcement officials who had no business being on the case. And yet, despite a probe that ran a combined three years, involved hundreds of witnesses, thousands of subpoenas and surveillance on Trump associates and maybe the president himself, investigators could find nothing — nothing! — worthy of a criminal charge.

Up next:

Washington’s focus now shifts to the two investigations into the investigators. … The ultimate probe, though, is the one Attorney General Bill Barr launched. He said he was appalled at FBI bias against Trump and that he wants to get his hands around the origins and scope of the initial scrutiny.

Ann Coulter:

If it matters that Mueller is a “lifelong Republican,” then I guess it matters that he hired a team of left-wing zealots. Of the 17 lawyers in Mueller’s office, 14 are registered Democrats. Not one is a registered Republican. In total, they have donated more than $60,000 to Democratic candidates.

Tiberiu Dianu:

[Mueller] did not know, or was not familiar with, the Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier (of the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign), which was the original source of information that sparked his appointment and report …

This is how some prominent Democrats summarized the hearings in their own words:

– “This is very, very painful.” (David Axelrod, on Twitter);

– “On optics, this was a disaster.” (Chuck Todd, on NBC);

– “A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions…” (Michael Moore, on Twitter);

– “It’s an epilogue… I think the issue of Russia’s attack on our election is not getting enough traction.” (Andrea Mitchell, of MSNBC).

Compared with other investigations related to the Nixon Tapes, Iran-Contra, and Clinton Impeachment, the Mueller Hearings appear as a pathetic witch-hunt improvisation, disguised as an “investigation.” Actually, this was the day the Impeachment died.

The Z-Blog:


Five minutes watching Mueller made clear that he is an old man who has lost a step. He was never a brilliant guy to begin with, but he could play his role as the horse-face Brahman. Today, he has the horse face, but not much else. His fumbling around with friendly questions from the Democrats was hard to watch. Anyone who has had to deal with a family member making the low slow walk into the sunset knows the feeling.

These events are not just a last minute staging. The Democrats have been working for months to put this show together. Staffers would have spent weeks preparing questions, preparing Mueller for those questions and making sure he knew the answers he was expected to give. The point of these shows is to provide soundbites for state-run media to use in the following propaganda broadcast. …

Lefty media was so caught off-guard, they were forced to concede the obvious and call it a debacle.