Boris Appoints Brexit Mastermind Cummings to Drain the Swamp

Boris Appoints Brexit Mastermind Cummings to Drain the Swamp. By James Delingpole.

Cummings is a Marmite figure — loved and loathed in equal measure. But the two key things you need to know about him are these:

  1. He was the mastermind of the Vote Leave campaign and was — arguably — the main reason why Brexiteers and not Remainers won the EU referendum.
  2. He is a sworn enemy of the Swamp. ..

You can tell the Swamp is getting nervous because already its slimy denizens are briefing against Cummings and vaingloriously boasting about how totally he doesn’t frighten them. …

How to drain the swamp:

Britain’s Deep State problem is something to which Cummings has given considerable thought. Five years ago, he outlined his thinking on the subject in a speech to the left-wing think tank the IPPR.

Among the reasons why the Civil Service is so perfectly useless, he argued, is that it rewards failure (almost no one is ever sacked — they’re just shuffled to a different department); it promotes people who want to protect the system and not rock the boat, while weeding out the dissenters and mavericks who might contribute original ideas; it is process-driven, not goal-driven; it’s massively bloated and largely overpaid.

Cummins advocates cutting the public service size in half, abolishing permanency, and focusing on goals not process.