What Happens When Big Government and Big Crime Team Up?

What Happens When Big Government and Big Crime Team Up? By Tony Cheung.

Six men were arrested on Monday night as Hong Kong police began hunting down the mob responsible for an unprecedented rampage at a train station in the northern town of Yuen Long that left 45 people injured the night before.

Sources told the Post more than 100 men in white T-shirts were involved in Sunday night’s bloody violence, including members of the notorious 14K and Wo Shing Wo triad gangs.

The city’s embattled police force came under heavy fire for turning up too late to stop the shocking attacks on anti-government protesters, journalists and passers-by at the station, as well as terrified passengers on trains.

Daily Mail:

Hong Kong has descended into chaos as triad gangs have waded into the conflict, attacking anti-Chinese activists inside trains and on the platforms near the Chinese border. Masked men wearing white T-shirts brutally beat protesters in a new escalation which is set to ratchet up fears that the city’s feared Triad gangs are becoming an increasing presence in the conflict.

The Chinese Government allows the criminal gangs to exist, and calls in favors such as beating up protestors while its police stand aside.