Twenty Ways Boris Johnson Can Make Britain Great Again

Twenty Ways Boris Johnson Can Make Britain Great Again, by James Delingpole.

Today Boris Johnson has been elected leader of the Conservative party, and tomorrow he will be crowned Prime Minister. …

1. Deliver Brexit. … Chances of Boris delivering 9/10 …

6. The BBC
Almost everything wrong with Britain today is ultimately the fault of the BBC. That’s because, with its market dominance and its cradle to grave broadcasting coverage, the BBC steers Britain’s political consciousness in a relentlessly leftwards direction.

Its default position – “Why isn’t the government doing more to solve this problem?” – is a recipe for ever higher expenditure, ever greater meddling, ever more nauseating virtue-signalling from Conservative politicians chasing popularity with the left that will always delude them. The BBC is now so rampantly woke, pro-EU, anti-free-markets, pro-identity-politics, anti-Trump it fails in its claim to represent the nation.

Removing its sinecure — the compulsory licence fee — will concentrate its poisonous mind.

Chances of Boris delivering 2/10 …

7. Universities
Tony Blair’s sinister master plan has come to fruition: Britain’s universities are now largely woke madrassas inculcating half the population in politically correct values.

Most – including Cambridge and Oxford – are simply no longer fit for purpose as training grounds for the intellectual elite, not least because the post-modern values they instil – “Rhodes must fall”, “decolonise the curriculum” etc — are anti-intellectual and because they are so biased against privately educated kids they no longer admit on merit. Universities need to be hit where it hurts: in their budget.

This will force a paring down of Mickey Mouse courses for people who shouldn’t be at university anyway. Also, it would be nice if at least one Oxbridge head of college wasn’t ex-Guardian, ex-BBC or an ex-Civil Service lefty.

Chances of Boris delivering 4/10 …

14. Defang Islam
No mainstream UK party dares even pretend there’s a problem here. But it would help if Boris at least addressed the widespread public concern that there is one rule for the Religion of Peace (Sharia courts; an ingrained fear in the police of any action that might be deemed Islamophobic; blatant ballot-rigging) and another for everyone else.

Chances of Boris delivering 3/10

15. Immigration: Quality not Quantity
A points-based system, please, designed to screen out the kind of Ilhan-Omar-types who are only here to subvert us or kill us, while giving us the pick of all those talented foreigners who just want to integrate and help make Britain Great Again.

Chances of Boris delivering 4/10 …

18. Deal with the activist judiciary
I really don’t know how Boris can deal with this – but it’s a massive problem. English common law is no longer the envy of the world because the people interpreting it and ruling on it are a bunch of Guardian-reading, human-rights-obsessed, lefty-loons.

Chances of Boris delivering 1/10

20. Donald Trump
When someone this friendly, ideologically onside and powerful wants to do beautiful business with you – form an alliance. A marriage even! Make the Anglosphere Great Again.

Chances of Boris delivering 9/10

The fun begins. From Boris’ acceptance speech:

I know some wag has already pointed out that Deliver, United and Defeat was not the perfect acronym for an election campaign, since unfortunately it spells DUD, but they forgot the final E my friends, E for energise. I say to all the doubters: Dude, we are going to energise the country.