Will the next Democratic president destroy the United States?

Will the next Democratic president destroy the United States? By Lion of the Blogosphere.

It feels to me like things have changed. All of the Democrats seem to have bought into extreme rhetoric on immigration. Any sort of enforcement of immigration laws at all is now seen as immoral, evil, and racist.

It’s even immoral, evil and racist to use force to deport someone who has been ordered by a judge to be deported because they committed crimes in the United States.

It’s likely that the next Democratic president will create de facto open borders by ordering all immigration enforcement to stand down.

This will immediately become well known throughout the world, and I forsee a mass immigration of tens of millions of people that will only stop when it becomes apparent that the United States has become just as crappy as the countries that people are emigrating from.

Unless you think that President Kamala Harris will take back everything she’s said up until now and govern like Obama?

The current left would rather trash their civilization and become discriminated against in their own homes than be sen as “racist”. Of course, “racist” gets redefined every now and then, it’s already happened at least once since 1970, …

Commenter basedmillenial:

The very strange thing of modern liberals is that they are actually willing to be killed by migrants, Islamic fanatics, etc., but would love to deport or kill conservatives if given the chance. It’s as if their whole selves are given over to virtue signaling.

Commenter fakeemail:

It’s not really about virtue signaling as “good” white people. It’s about power and being at the top of the social/economic pyramid. It’s a vicious, traitorous, and hypocritical strategy which many are not even consciously aware of. It’s just their nature.