What Comes Next in the US

What Comes Next in the US, by the Z-Blog.

Most insiders assume Trump loses the 2020 election to whoever the Democrats pick. Last time they could muster a few million illegal votes in key states. This time it will be more than ten million, as they have been working the problem for four years. The tech oligopoly has been hard at work to make sure there will not be a repeat of 2016.

There’s also a good chance the Republicans lose the Senate. Even if they hang on, the senate GOP is so easily bullied, they will offer no resistance to the Left.

After 2020, the Left will have complete control of the federal government. More important, given the demographics, they will be the dominant party for as long it matters. The future will be one in which people like Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez gloat about their ascendancy, while championing anti-white policies. The future will be vibrant, but not bright.

In order for such a world to stagger on, expect the tech giants to ramp up their censorship operations using anticipatory censorship. They are tinkering with this now on platforms used by children and stupid people. Instagram is now preventing users from posting things that they prohibit. Instead of the user posting it then having the post taken down after complaints, the system censors the post as they submit. You can expect this technology to become widespread, even in e-mail. …

Of course, semi-permanent control by the Democrats will usher in the demographic collapse that immigration patriots have been warning about for decades. Record numbers are crossing the border every day now and that is with a political atmosphere not welcoming of migrants. Just imagine what happens when President Harris gives a speech inviting half of the world to come to America for free health care. The rush to the border will be unprecedented.

That’s the thing to keep in mind when contemplating what comes next. The pattern thus far has been that the future comes faster than expected. In the 2000’s, people warned that homosexual marriage would have all sorts of negative consequences. In a little more than a decade, parents are being forced to take their children to drag queen story time at the local library. In a flash, we went from “let them get married” to little boys doing drag shows at gay clubs. Cultural collapse tends to accelerate.

That really is how to think about what comes next. When you are in the avalanche, every minute feels like a lifetime. In the crisis, time slows, but in reality everything moves quickly. Two decades ago, immigration patriots warned that America would lose its white majority by 2050 at the earliest. In all probability, it will happen by the middle of the next decade. Today, dissidents are warning about the coming left-wing authoritarianism, as if it is far in the distance, when it is right around the corner.

There are two types of coping strategies that will emerge. One is to over-estimate the awfulness of what comes next. People insulate themselves with hopelessness in order to avoid facing reality. The flip side of this is to dismiss the warnings about what’s coming, a sort of whistling past the graveyard. Even today people still say that the radicalism of the Left will destroy itself. You see this with the “go woke go broke” chants that fly in the face of reality. No woke corporation has suffered in the slightest.

If that happens in the US, what will happen in Australia? The Benedict Option for white civilization as a whole?