White Anxiety, and a President Ready to Address It

White Anxiety, and a President Ready to Address It, by Emily Badger and Nate Cohn.

The left too recognize that this week’s events in the US are a watershed, or perhaps a Rubicon. Here’s their spin on it, from the New York Times itself.

When did the people in the US ever get to vote on this? Was there ever a question put to the electorate about huge immigration from the third world? Do you think they would have voted to be replaced? For their society to morph from high trust and based on individual rights to low trust and tribal?

Evidence of concern about demographic and cultural shifts is not new. What’s different is the willingness to politicize it openly. …

Surveys show fears among some white people that they are losing status in America, and those holding such views are increasingly aligned with the Republican Party. These voters perceive anti-white discrimination. A growing share say the nation risks losing its identity because of openness to foreigners. And many are concerned about what it will mean when non-Hispanic whites lose majority status, as demographic projections suggest will happen around 2045.

A large if not majority share of white voters, and a majority of Republicans, say this change will threaten American customs and values — a prospect that they say makes them anxious, even angry.

But without a politician of the president’s stature so vocally exploiting it, political scientists say, this lurking sense of white status loss would probably not be such a combustible theme in American politics. …

Research is beginning to suggest that white voters who have long been politically motivated by their views of other groups may be starting to think of their own group as an explicit identity. In that sense, they appear for the first time in the Trump era to be thinking about themselves in ways that mirror how minorities have long thought about group identity.

It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that American politics would end up here in 2019, with voters chanting to send a foreign-born American congresswoman back to Africa. A different politician at the top of the Republican Party — one focused, say, on tax cuts rather than immigrants — might have left these white racial anxieties more dormant, or less clearly linked with partisanship. …

Republicans need to stick to the real issues, like taxes and Israel. Not address deplorable people’s concerns.

The evidence that racial attitudes now play an important role in vote choice among white voters is overwhelming. It has been replicated in study after study, in just about every major survey in political science over the last decade. …

The carefully framed either-or choice between “racist!” and “poor victims” that leaves out the actual reasons (like IQ, aggression, and culture):

Many white Americans have long held what political scientists call conservative racial views, like believing that African-Americans struggle to get ahead because they don’t work hard enough, rather than because of discrimination or the legacy of slavery. …

More than a decade ago, a majority of less educated white voters did not perceive a major difference between the two parties on racial issues, according to Mr. Tesler’s research. And most campaigns weren’t overtly trying to disabuse them of that notion. Now, some white voters, especially less educated ones, see a bigger difference between the two parties on racial issues. …

Who set the “well-established” norms that unilaterally disarmed whites from being able to even talk about what is happening?

“To me, the mystery is the speed with which what seemed to be a set of well-established norms crumbled,” Mr. Hopkins said. “How do you go from a Republican Party after 2012, which was very actively talking about courting Latino voters, to a Republican Party in 2016, which was doubling down on appeals to white voters?”

Didn’t the Republicans lose in 2012?

Why the new racism is ok: whites only “believe” they face discrimination, not they “do” face discrimination. Patronizing the deplorables — don’t they understand it’s for their own good?

In this environment, polls show that a substantial number of white voters believe they face discrimination. They appear to be concerned that employers and schools may give preference to nonwhite candidates.

They don’t understand why cultural norms encourage nonwhite racial groups, but not white people, to openly identify with and celebrate their race.

Treating people as individuals is so yesterday. The left needs all the non-white-male-straight votes it can get, so pandering and encouraging tribalism is now very trendy.

Various comments from the readers at Steve Sailer’s:

White people are ‘whining’ because they’re afraid and fearful of losing status and privilege. Not ‘speaking out’ because they’re angry at seeing their once-great nation being trashed. No, nothing like that. …

Emily Badger, the NYT author. Yep.

PoC who who vote their group interests are brave advocates of justice. White people who vote their group interests are “angry,” “fearful” and “resentful.” Every. single. time. …

“like believing that African-Americans struggle to get ahead because they don’t work hard enough, rather than because of discrimination or the legacy of slavery.”

Are they really serious when they say this or are they merely repeating religious dogma? How can anyone believe that nonsense in the wake of all the prevailing counter evidence? How can slavery account for black dysfunction, so long after slavery, across every public school district in the country — a country that was mostly non-slave holding? Some of that country is heavily Democrat and left-wing, but still they have problems. How does that make sense? How does this explain why Hispanics do better than blacks but worse than whites? Are whites discriminating against them, too? Is that the legacy of something or other? And if it is, how does it make sense for both Asians and Jews on average to do better than the average white in many metrics? Weren’t Jews holocausted? Wasn’t that more recent than slavery? Don’t they do fine nowadays? If there is so much institutional discrimination out there, why aren’t whites discriminating against Asians and Jews and lots of other groups?

The answer is obvious: it’s not our fault. Every statement to the contrary is racist dog whistling. Because, as I’ve pointed out before, if someone is being discriminated against, it logically follows that someone or something is doing the discriminating. That would be whites. Every time they use one of these racist phrases, a picture of a white pops up in the minds of the intended audience. It’s racist and they know it … and I’m sick of it….

I’m really curious about year 2045 and beyond, when present-day Goodwhites will be forced by harsh reality to acknowledge that the land under their feet and the institutions serving their needs are noticeably degraded in quality. The surest sign for them will be the strange difficulty their kids have in being accepted into a good university.

Will the Goodwhites then “openly identify with and celebrate their race” and find themselves voting R? How will they rationalize it to themselves?

My old Chinese mother, normally a reflexive D voter, had a big wake-up call after the recent NY specialized high schools saga. A lot of chatter among her age-group about growing asian discrimination/disadvantages. She’s voting Trump. This attitude has yet to really penetrate through to the younger millennial asians who have gone through the university system. Still too eager not to be a ‘racist’