The Four Horsewomen of the American Apocalypse

The Four Horsewomen of the American Apocalypse, by Michael Copeman.

According to them, everything was wrong with America. It is a doomed society — only perhaps salvageable by mass unauthorised immigration from Mexico, Central America and parts further south and payment of perhaps a cool trillion dollars in reparations to anybody who had one or more ancestors who may have been slaves.

Fossil fuel use — including for electricity generation, car, truck and plane travel — should be shut down. Very soon. All education, all healthcare, and all provisions for people who crossed the US border should be free. America’s corporations, and its hardworking citizens, should pay for all this by punitive taxes. Only then can all men, women and persons be free.

Meantime, white males should step back from any role they had in running society. They should take to cabins in the woods, and reflect on how they had brought America from its British colonialist roots within 250 years almost to the brink of the abyss. Only these four youngish women of color can save America. God certainly can’t (unless He was that one God of that religion which shall not be mentioned). …

And she’s not racist, only her opponents are.

These four women, with their foolish aspirations for a new America, built on victim-identity politics, deliberate dismantling of the free-enterprise economy, and kow-towing to violent, repressive dictators, autocrats and theocracies overseas, are truly the Four Horsewomen of the American Apocalypse.

When America’s Founding Fathers looked into their nascent country’s future, none of them saw this coming. They saw a risk of armed attack from without. Hence, the (now vexing) Second Amendment. They saw a risk of one large state (New York at that time) dominating the others. Hence, the gerrymandered Senate and the Electoral College. They even saw the risk of some crisis degrading the new US dollar’s value. Hence, the multiple Federal Reserve banks. What they never envisioned was that four youngish congresswomen might one day seek to undo from within all the boundless promise of a free and fearless America.