Suicide “Squad”

Suicide “Squad”, by Ace of Spades.

Once again, Donald Trump’s mere presence in the White House and more crucially his willingness to defend himself, his policies and by extension defend all real Americans and this nation loudly, proudly with Queens accent and all, is what got us here. And thank G-d for it!

It needs to be emphasized here that the President did not instigate this. He was reacting to the lies being perpetrated by Chiquita Khruschev and her cohorts about “concentration camps” and other phony “crimes against humanity” allegedly perpetrated by ICE, DHS, CBP et al on the illegal alien invaders who are the real criminals here for trying to jump our borders and abuse our amnesty laws. At the same time, these four have been able to turn almost their entire party into a veritable Greek chorus of anti-American, anti-Semitic, racialism and historical revisionism that heretofore went unanswered and allowed to fester.

The left have made a strategy of ever-increasing anti-white racism, while screaming “racist” at anyone who disagrees with them. This moment was an inevitable reaction. What happens next is crucial. Is the West about to get tribalized, as the left and its identity politics demand?