Far-Left Congresswomen Implode At Press Conference On Trump Tweets

Far-Left Congresswomen Implode At Press Conference On Trump Tweets, by Ryan Saavedra.

Four far-left congresswomen held a press conference on Monday about recent tweets from President Donald Trump that they claimed were racist and, during the press conference, they proceeded to melt down, making multiple false statements and refusing to answer specific questions from reporters .

Trump referred to athletes who kneel during the national anthem as “sons-of-b*****s,” not black athletes. Trump referred to certain countries as “sh-tholes,” not black and brown people. Trump did not equate neo-Nazis with those who protest them, he specifically condemned them. …

Omar said that everything she says comes “from a place of extreme love for every single person in this country.”

Trump’s right. Just give Omar s much coverage as possible, and Trump will be re-elected. Such hostility, so obviously directed against whites or the historic American nation. No wonder her family was kicked out of Somalia as beyond the pale.

Yes, that’s who the American people want to lead them!