Trump “sexually assaults” another woman: Watch!

Trump “sexually assaults” another woman: Watch! By Matt Walsh.

A former staffer for the Trump campaign, Alva Johnson, filed a lawsuit a few months ago alleging that she was the victim of “battery” when Trump “forcibly kissed” her without consent. In a teary-eyed interview with MSNBC in February, Johnson recounted being grabbed by the hands and kissed on the corner of the mouth.

She says she turned away desperately, which is the only thing that saved her from a full mouth-to-mouth kiss. Using words like “terrified,” “scared,” and “distraught,” she claimed that even months after the alleged assault, she was still “crying her eyes out” and traumatized from the experience.

If this kiss had taken place privately, all we’d have is her word on the subject — a word that, we are told, must be automatically believed. Fortunately, though, it was not private.

Here’s the video, which surfaced later:

Jim Treacher:

That’s it. That’s the entire encounter.

Johnson told Trump how great he is, which is his favorite thing in the world, so he gave her a very chaste kiss on the cheek. She responded to it by continuing to compliment him. Then he moved on, slapping backs and shaking hands. This isn’t even as bad as a typical Biden interaction. Calling it some sort of assault is simply insane. …

Trump has driven his opponents so insane that they’re leaping on every accusation, whether there’s any evidence or not.