African teen gangs targeting electronics stores in Melbourne ‘almost every weekend’

African teen gangs targeting electronics stores in Melbourne  ‘almost every weekend’. By Tasmin Rose.

Gangs of teens are terrorising electronics stores across the state in increasingly prevalent ‘rip and run’ style mobile phone thefts.

Terrified workers told the Sunday Herald Sun groups of teens raid phone stores such as JB Hi-Fi almost every weekend.

Retail workers and security guards are advised by managers to step aside and let the youths rip the display phones off their cords and walk out with the expensive goods. …

The ‘swarming’ offence has become so common a special Victoria Police taskforce has been set up to target would-be offenders. …

The manager said the groups were almost always comprised of between four and six teens of African appearance.

But it’s not just retail staff who are being hit, as retailers pass on the costs of lost revenue to honest customers.

Our once high-trust society must now become lower trust, with ever more”security measures” because of recent immigrants. Who could have seen that coming? The blank slate theory is wrong, but our elite refuse to notice.