Our Global Elite are Becoming an Aristocracy

Our Global Elite are Becoming an Aristocracy, by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel.

But for pure, 200 proof exclusivity, nothing beats Stanford. And yet, Hillary Clinton’s daughter breezed right in. How did Chelsea do that? Was it her formidable brainpower? Check out her Twitter feed and judge for yourself. Now, there’s a chance that Chelsea is intentionally misleading us. It’s possible that her entire public persona is performance art — a subversive, Borat-style parody of mindless lifestyle liberalism. But it’s also possible that Chelsea isn’t joking at all. In that case, you’ve got to wonder, How did someone like her get into Stanford?

You might have the same question about some of the kids at Georgetown in Washington, D.C. In Georgetown’s alumni magazine (available online), you’ll recognize many of the names: Biden, Pelosi, Kennedy. They’re the children of famous Democratic politicians. Are they impressive hardworking kids who deserve to be at one of America’s most prestigious universities? Maybe some of them. Maybe not. That’s irrelevant. They’re the offspring of prominent Democrats. That’s why they’re at Georgetown.

Our meritocracy is a sham.

The children of sympathetic politicians are an obvious priority for admissions officers. These children’s parents are the same politicians who funnel many billions in tax dollars to colleges and universities every year. Letting a senator’s kid into Harvard is smart business. The quid quo pro is obvious. It’s a form of unregulated lobbying. Remember the Varsity Blues scandal in California, where a group of socially anxious soccer moms tried to game college admissions? This is far more corrupt, except nobody’s going to prison for it.

Why it matters:

A handful of schools form the gateway to success in America. If you go to Harvard, you are all but guaranteed to make more over the course of your life than someone who didn’t. It’s that simple. In rigging the admissions system, these schools are rigging American society, creating an impenetrable class system for their own benefit.

To put that in context for Australian readers, getting into Stanford or Harvard on merit is harder, statistically, than getting into a top medical school in Australia.