A Darker Shade Of Pale

A Darker Shade Of Pale, by the Z-Blog.

The coalition of the ascendant loves to talk about the glorious future in which they are in complete control. They just assume that everything will be like it is today in a material sense, except they will get to divvy up the goods of the vanquished among themselves, like pirates sharing out a captured treasure. America will just be a swarthier version of what it was in the 1950’s. It is the assumption of people who have fully consumed the multicultural propaganda used to create the coalition of the ascendant.

This vision of the future is no doubt a driving force behind the race radicalism of people like Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. It assumes things about people that are not true. The old gag about Magic Dirt Theory is a joke among dissidents, but people like Rashida Tlaib think it is real. She thinks if her people move here, displacing the heritage stock, nothing changes but the complexion. Her people will suddenly stop acting like her people and take on the habits of our people, but with more color.

This is nonsense, of course, because much of what we think of as American society exists because heritage Americans support it. The people who created this society would have done so wherever they landed. We know this because it has happened in places like Australia and even Africa. Despite it all, countries like Rhodesia and South Africa were able to create first world societies. In the game of dirt, no place has more tragic dirt than the Dark Continent. Yet Rhodesia existed. South Africa existed.

Uh oh, Idiocracy had some predictive power:

A popular topic in certain circles is just how dumb and repetitive movies and television have become. All of the big movies are based on children’s comic books. The male leads are replaced by females or people from the ascendant, done in such a way as to make that the point of the movie. Television has always been for stupid people, but now it is just endless screed against heritage America, like the recent Pride Month nonsense.

The reason movies have managed to get dumber and duller is the audience has dramatically changed. Hollywood no longer caters to heritage America. Instead, it is focused on the ascendant that now fill the domestic theaters and the theaters in their source countries. Television has become exactly what was portrayed in the movie Idiocracy, but the reason is not that people are getting dumber. The reason for the decline is that the audience is getting darker.

What next?

None of this is novel to people into dissident politics. Much of what is driving dissident politics in the West is demographics. The thing is though, it is assumes that the current process will either lead to America following the path of Detroit or heading down a path to Brazil. Both of those scenarios are probably wrong. Instead, America as a whole will follow the path we see in community activities and our entertainments. Cultural inertial will carry us along until all of a sudden we enter a dark age. …

That’s the nature of dark ages. Slowly, then suddenly the relatively high-IQ population is swapped out for a lesser population. It’s not that the new population has no one smart enough to work on an aqueduct or understand how to maintain an electrical grid. It’s that there are not enough of them. The population suddenly finds itself left with social, economic and political tools it cannot use. A dark age descends as the people have to start recreating tools suitable for the population.