What is Real?

What is Real? By Matthew Walther. The right-wing nuts were correct about Epstein, which has been semi-out-in-the-open for a decade. Which led to the following interesting comment:

If you have spent the last few years earnestly consuming mainstream left-of-center media in this country you will be under the impression that the United States has fallen under the control of a spray-tanned Mussolini clone who is never more than five minutes away from making birth control illegal.

If you watch Fox News and read conservative publications, you no doubt bemoan the fact that Ronald Reagan’s heir is being hamstrung by a bunch of avocado toast-eating feminist witches.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones’s audience will tell you that America, like the rest of the world, is ruled by a depraved internationalist elite whose ultimate allegiance is not to countries or political parties or ideologies but to one another. These people believe in nothing. They will safeguard their wealth and privilege at any cost. They will never break rank. And they will commit unspeakable crimes with impunity, while anyone who dares to speculate openly is sued or hounded out of public life as a kook.

Which of these worldviews is closest to the truth?

Btw, there is a reasonable chance that the whole Epstein circus was a honeypot and sting operation, possibly a money-making blackmail scheme that enjoyed high-level immunity because it managed to rope in big names on both sides of politics.

via Tip of the Spear