UK Conservatives take a major left turn on the retaining-power path

UK Conservatives take a major left turn on the retaining-power path. By Greg Sheridan.

Only the monstrous unelectability of a Labour Party led by a substantially unreconstructed quasi-communist keeps the Conservatives from suffering the fate that the mess they have made would normally bring them.

It also conceals another truth quite fundamental in modern British politics. The Conservative party achieved power under David Cameron and sustained itself, however horribly, under Theresa May only by moving ever further leftward ideologically.

The unpalatable truth is that this is not only a very poor Conservative government, it is the most left-wing Conservative government in history.

It is sometimes thought that Conservatives in Britain are stronger than they are in Australia. I don’t think that is true. Culturally, ideologically, in terms of political values, the British Conservatives have pretty much surrendered to the left on all fronts. Our Liberals look heroic in comparison.

The British Conservatives’ pitch for government now is that they are the sensible left, unlike Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is the crazy left. …

There is not a cultural issue you can think of, from free speech at universities to religious freedom to gender theory education for primary school students, where the British Conservatives have not simply given up.

These ones wouldn’t have given up: