Europol Stats: Terrorism in Europe

Europol Stats: Terrorism in Europe, By Drieu Godefridi. According to Europol’s last ten EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Reports (TE-SAT) the number of terror attacks in Europe during the last ten years:

The first surprise is that according to Europol, the trend is clearly downward: far fewer terror attacks in Europe in 2016 than ten years ago!

Does that seem a bit counter-intuitive? But, hey, those are the official statistics.

Then there are the number of fatalities:

This second chart looks much more in line with the feelings of the common man, don’t you think? Approximately 150 dead in the EU from terror attacks in 2015 and 2016, compared to zero in 2007, or 4 in 2014. …

The problem resides in the European definition of terrorism. … The second part of EU definition — “unduly compelling a government or international organisation to perform or abstain from performing an act” — whatever act — authorizes one to qualify as “terrorism” countless deeds that are certainly criminal but do not actually terrorize anyone.

That is why for years, the number of Islamic terror attacks has looked so ridiculously small and the other categories so impressively large. In 2007, of the 583 reported attacks, 517 were claimed or attributed to separatist groups in Spain and France. … Criminal, no doubt! But where is terrorism?

As for actual terrorism in the EU, it is in fact a simple matter. Here are the facts:

  • In 2015: Of the 151 killed by terror attacks in Europe, 150 were killed by Islamic terrorism …
  • In 2016: Of the 142 fatalities of terror attacks in Europe, 135 were caused by Islamic terrorism …
  • From 2007-2014: the average number of dead from terror attacks in Europe was 6.1 each year …

The rest is EU sophistry.

As for left wing versus right wing? Even Europol cannot hide that: