Colin Kaepernick’s Symbols of Hate

Colin Kaepernick’s Symbols of Hate, by Mark Tapson.

Just in time for Independence Day 2019, sports apparel giant Nike released the Air Max 1 USA shoe, featuring a miniature “Betsy Ross” flag on each heel. This, of course, is the flag with the earliest American colonies represented by thirteen white stars in a circle which, legend has it, Mrs. Ross presented to George Washington himself. But when Nike pitchman Colin Kaepernick, former NFL national anthem protester, got wind of the plan, he complained to Nike that the flag recalls a time when blacks were enslaved. Also, according to a person who reportedly was privy to the conversation, Kaepernick informed Nike that the flag has recently been appropriated by American white supremacists.

The Betsy Ross flag, the flag of the USA 1777-1795. Now declared racist by Colin Kaepernick from team PC.

Instead of telling Kaepernick, “So what?” and going forward with the patriotic product, Nike sparked controversy by recalling the shoe from retailers and issuing a statement in which it claimed the decision was “based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday” …

The notion that white supremacist groups have appropriated the Betsy Ross flag is ludicrous. They aren’t in a position to appropriate anything unless the American people allow it. There is no more marginalized, politically impotent extremist element in America today than actual white supremacists, who have been hyped by the leftist media complex as a rising Hitlerian tide empowered by President Trump’s purported bigotry. (Meanwhile the media downplays or even covers for actual threats such as the violent Antifa network, human traffickers at our collapsing southern border, and Islamic terrorists).

Team PC also says all whites are racist and non-whites are not racist. So presumably any symbol of any white country or enterprise is “racist.” (They also say “race” does not exist, but consistency is not their strong point.)

As for symbols of hate, let’s examine some of the symbols of hate Colin Kaepernick has proudly endorsed. He is fond of wearing t-shirts expressive of his political beliefs and role models. Here he is at a press conference in a t-shirt promoting the Black Panthers. The Panthers were a criminal organization modeled on Communist revolutionary movements, bent on waging literal warfare against law enforcement and overthrowing America’s purported white power structure. Here he is in a t-shirt emblazoned with Panther founder Huey Newton’s visage over the red star of communism (a symbol of hate if there ever was one). Newton was a cop-killing, murdering, raping, pimping, drug-dealing thug who cared less about helping his people than about establishing himself as a feared street legend. Here is Kaepernick in a shirt featuring photos of the 1961 Harlem meeting between mass-murdering Communist dictator Fidel Castro and anti-Semitic black supremacist Malcolm X. The caption reads “Like Minds Think Alike.” Here is Kaepernick in socks he wore on the football field depicting cops as pigs, a symbol of hate “appropriated” by the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, whose members chanted “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” as they marched behind police officers in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2015 amid a spate of murders of cops nationwide.

He speaks, and America jumps. Hmm, the Black Panthers discriminate against people of the basis of race — what do they call that now?