Britain’s Israel Folau wins his case

Britain’s Israel Folau wins his case, by Mark Powell.

Like Australia’s Israel Folau, British student Felix Ngole, is a litmus test regarding freedom of religion, as well as freedom of speech, in the Western World. ..

Ngole had been previously dismissed from his postgraduate social work degree at Sheffield University for expressing the Biblical — and historically orthodox — Christian view that homosexuality is a sin. According to Eternity News:

In some shocking exchanges from the High Court hearing, the University of Sheffield implied that Felix was not allowed to express the Christian viewpoint on same-sex marriage or homosexuality on any public forum, including in a church.

However, the UK Court of Appeal has recently ruled that the University was wrong to expel Ngole and overturned the High Court ruling, stating:

The mere expression of views on theological grounds (e.g. that ‘homosexuality is a sin’) does not necessarily connote that the person expressing such views will discriminate on such grounds.

The reason why this particular legal ruling was so important was not only because of the impact it had on Ngole’s prospects for future employment, but also because of the “chilling effect” it could have on other people of faith in being able to express their own religious convictions in the public square. …

The PC mob push until they are stopped:

What is being observed in countries where the definition of marriage is re-defined to include people of the same sex, is it isn’t long before people in general, and religious leaders in particular, are prohibited from speaking against homosexuality. …

This is a key moment for Christians throughout the world. The current anti-Christian zeitgeist insists that everyone must bow down and worship the almighty rainbow. And if you don’t, let alone dare to speak against it, then you will face immediate social and financial recriminations.