Why Trump will probably lose in 2020

Why Trump will probably lose in 2020, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

There has been a lot of gloating from conservatives about how the Democrats are moving so far left that they will lose in the general election. …

If they go crazy leftist, but the mainstream media treats it all as just normal business as usual, while saying that Trump is the crazy one who must be stopped to preserve our nation from disaster, then what does it matter? Unless people watch Fox News, or go out of their way to read the few conservative internet sites, they won’t know about how crazy leftist the Dems are. …

Google and Facebook are algorithmically hiding everything pro-Trump. Censorship works, and this is the modern censorship where those who are censored aren’t even aware of how badly they are being censored.

But people ask, why didn’t it work in 2016? That’s because Trump wasn’t censored in 2016. Everyone loved Trump back them. Trump drove viewers to the news broadcasts and drove new traffic to social media. The polls showed Trump was going to lose, everyone who mattered said Trump was going to lose, so what did they care?

It only became a problem when Trump actually won. Now the MSM and the big tech companies have FOUR YEARS to prepare to make sure Trump loses re-election. Conservatives underestimate how powerful they are.

It’s a fair argument (Lion’s, I mean).


How many people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 are going to jump ship for Trump in 2020?

I think the answer is not enough to make up for four years of old people (most likely to be Trump supporters) dying off, to be replaced by 18-21 year olds (most likely to be brainwashed by the fakestream media to hate Trump, plus disproportionately less white).

Trump’s approval rating is highest with 65+ and lowest with 18-29.

I’m just telling you the facts, I’m not happy about this. A Democratic president means open borders. How many tens of millions of the world’s poor will rush in? Could it even be hundreds of millions? Is the United States doomed?

hat-tip Stephen Harper