Generic American Party Vs. Great Replacement Party: Now An Irrepressible Conflict

Generic American Party Vs. Great Replacement Party: Now An Irrepressible Conflict. By James Kirkpatrick.

The Cold Civil War” is heating up with the fight between President Donald Trump and “The Squad” of Leftist minority congresswomen, particularly former refugee Ilhan Omar. The question in this political struggle is as fundamental as the one at the center of the more violent 19th century conflict.

The Republican base clearly believes the U.S. is a majority-white country rooted in the traditions of the Founding — the Historic American Nation. But Democrats (and some of the controlled opposition in Conservatism Inc.) think America belongs to the entire world — that it isn’t really a nation at all.

This is an irrepressible conflict, and lines are clearly drawn between a GOP base that believes in the old America and Leftists who explicitly want to replace it. …

The Republican base clearly wants real action on immigration, including deportations and a wall. Yet little has materialized. There’s bluster, but no action. President Trump speaks loudly, but carries a small stick. …

Omar has explicitly stated the U.S. was founded on “genocide” and brags about the replacement of the white population. If you take an oath of allegiance to a country, and then work to replace the people and fundamentally change it, how is that not treason? …

It’s the liberals who are openly declaring in publications like Mother Jones that there is a “race war.” The recent terrorist attack against an ICE facility — and the immigrant attacker’s explicit call for armed insurrection — was also downplayed by the MSM. Even mainstream Democrat candidates like Elizabeth Warren are essentially advocating Open Borders, as even Leftist publications admit. The Third World’s population is soaring and so-called “moderates” like Joe Biden are declaring we have an “obligation” to provide health care for all of them who make it here. …

In short, this isn’t sustainable. What’s more, whatever President Trump’s bluster, the numbers tell the tale. Because of sheer demographics, Texas will soon go blue — and then Republicans will be unelectable nationally, barring a massive political realignment.

Soon, it might not be conservatives saying “love it or leave it” to diverse people of color — but smug non-whites telling white conservatives to get out of their new country.

The problem is that though America belongs to Native Americans and Africa belongs to black Africans (not Afrikaners, needless to say), Europe apparently belongs to the world. There’s nowhere to go. Even if white Americans en masse packed up and went back to Europe, the Ilhan Omars of the world would soon follow. …

As the issues of socialism, busing, and health care are re-emerging, America is running out of white people to prop up collapsing institutions, pay the bills, fight the endless wars, and solve the country’s problems. The future belongs to whoever can develop an exit from the global favela that is emerging. Serious countries like Israel and Hungary understand this, and are likely to survive the next century in recognizable form. America may not.

What is happening is the logical conclusion of the disastrous 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act, which reignited mass immigration after a four-decade legislated pause. The abolition of national origins preferences implied that the United States did not have a racial, ethnic, or even cultural base. Thus, America was transformed into a “nation of immigrants” or a “universal nation” even if some of those who voted for the act did not recognize what they were doing. Today, even many “conservatives” accept that America is a “Proposition Nation,” and that if people agree to certain ideas, anyone can be an American. …

Needless to say, the bare minimum symbols that define American national identity — including the flag, the national anthem, and the Fourth of July — are now all under attack. It’s hard to have a “Proposition nation” when no one knows what the “proposition” is. We barely even have free speech anymore.

“The President Won This One”: House Dem Admits Defeat on Trump’s War With ‘The Squad’

“The President Won This One”: House Dem Admits Defeat on Trump’s War With ‘The Squad’. By Paul Joseph Watson.

Many Democrats are privately frustrated that Trump has pulled off a political masterstroke by making Omar — who has a favorability of 9% amongst swing Dem voters — the face of the party.

Some House Democrats are “quietly expressing” their concerns about how Trump has helped to ensure “far-left progressives have outsized influence in their caucus”.

“The President won this one,” one Dem lawmaker told CNN. “What the President has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi was trying to marginalize these folks, and the President has now identified the entire party with them”.

As I explain in the video below, far from damaging Trump’s 2020 chances, the spat with ‘the squad’ was a stroke of genius.

A good recap on the this watershed event:

Omar’s Marriage Fraud: Tucker Is On the Case

Omar’s Marriage Fraud: Tucker Is On the Case. By John Hinderaker.

The Democratic Party press is desperately trying to cover up for Ilhan Omar. …

Undoubtedly Nancy Pelosi has been briefed on the facts surrounding what appear to be Ilhan Omar’s multiple frauds and crimes–facts to which Omar, so far, has made no response. One wonders whether a move will soon be afoot to remove her from office, much like the internal Democratic Party purge that forced Al Franken, another Minnesotan, to resign from the Senate.

Sounds like tax and immigration fraud. Let’s see what develops.

Crypto is an unregulated casino, where criminality runs riot

Crypto is an unregulated casino, where criminality runs riot, by Nouriel Roubini, a prominent economist.

Cryptocurrencies are routinely launched and traded outside the domain of official financial oversight, where avoidance of compliance costs is advertised as a source of efficiency. …

Some of the biggest crypto players may be openly involved in systematic illegality.

Consider BitMEX, an unregulated trillion-dollar exchange of crypto derivatives that is domiciled in the Seychelles but active globally. Its CEO, Arthur Hayes, boasted openly that the BitMEX business model involves peddling to “degenerate gamblers” (meaning clueless retail investors) crypto derivatives with 100-to-one leverage. … It is little wonder that, according to one independent researcher’s estimates, liquidations at times account for up to half of BitMEX’s revenue. …

BitMEX insiders revealed to me that this exchange is also used daily for money laundering on a massive scale by terrorists and other criminals from Russia, Iran, and elsewhere; the exchange does nothing to stop this, as it profits from these transactions.

As if that were not enough, BitMEX also has an internal for-profit trading desk (supposedly for the purpose of market making) that has been accused of front running its own clients. Hayes has denied this, but because BitMEX is totally unregulated, there are no independent audits of its accounts, and thus no way of knowing what happens behind the scenes. …

Price manipulation is rampant across all the crypto exchanges, owing to pump-and-dump schemes, wash trading, spoofing, front running, and other forms of manipulation. According to one study, up to 95% of all transactions in bitcoin BTCUSD are fake, indicating that fraud is not the exception but the rule. …

According to one study, 80% of initial coin offerings in 2017 were scams.

It has degenerated.

Still, the world wants — needs — a currency outside of the control any government that can be sent over the web. Gold is outside the control of government and has a great pedigree as money, but is fabulously immobile and unwieldy.

Limbaugh: Here’s What ‘Send Her Back’ Really Stands For

Limbaugh: Here’s What ‘Send Her Back’ Really Stands For, by James Barrett.

Limbaugh began his discussion of the “send her back” moment by cuing up political commentator David Gergen on CNN declaring that “the Republicans are in an active slow self-destruction in supporting the president as much as they do, because in the long term, this could be suicidal.”

“Why is it not suicidal when Republicans get forcibly kicked out of, spat upon at restaurants?” asked Limbaugh. “Why is it not suicidal for the Democrats when Black Lives Matter advocates shooting cops? Why is it [not] suicidal for the Democrats when they defend Antifa? Most recent example in Oregon, Portland, Oregon, where the cops were ordered to stand aside while people were assaulted and businesses were destroyed. Why does none of that, why isn’t that ever said to be suicidal for the Democrats? Why does none of the stuff that makes ‘send her back’ pale in comparison, that pales in comparison to the actual activity, the assaults, the attacks, the damage done to businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, why does the media never say, ‘Man, this is not good for the Democrats, that’s a suicidal move.'”

“Let me just say at the outset, I don’t want to send her back,” said Limbaugh. “I want her to stay here! And I don’t want her to be silenced. I want Ilhan Omar to continue speaking, because it is working. Trump is winning this.”

Rush then moved to his explanations for why Trump supporters got behind the chant: They’re “fed up” with being told what they can and cannot say by the Left and tired of seeing the Left tear down the country and conservatives with impunity.

The Selfish Actors of Illegal Immigration

The Selfish Actors of Illegal Immigration, by Victor Davis Hanson.

Many people benefit from the lawbreaking: The Mexican and Central American governments, the Democratic party, employers, ethnic activists, rich progressives, and the illegal border crossers themselves.

Almost every party invested in open borders proves utterly selfish, without regard for the legitimate interests of others or of the law itself. …

The Democratic Party:

Democrats once were exclusionists — largely because they feared that illegal immigration eroded unionization and overtaxed the social-service resources of their poor citizen constituents. … Until recently, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton called for strict border enforcement, worried that the wages of illegal workers were driving down those of inner-city or barrio American youth. What changed?

Numbers. Once the pool of illegal aliens reached a likely 20 million, and once their second-generation citizen offspring won anchor-baby legality and registered to vote, a huge new progressive constituency rose in the American Southwest — one that was targeted by Democrats, who alternately promised permanent government subsidies and sowed fears with constant charges that right-wing Republicans were abject racists, nativists, and xenophobes. …

There are currently no statewide Republican office-holders in California … Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado are becoming Californized. Soon open borders will do the same to Arizona and Texas. No wonder that the Democratic party has been willing to do almost anything to become the enabler of open borders, whether that is setting up over 500 sanctuary-city jurisdictions, suing to block border enforcement in the courts, or extending in-state tuition, free medical care, and driver’s licenses to those who entered and reside in America illegally.

If most immigrants were right-wing, middle-class, Latino anti-Communists fleeing Venezuela or Cuba, or Eastern European rightists sick of the EU, or angry French and Germans who were tired of their failed socialist governments, the Democratic party would be the party of closed borders and the enemy of legal, meritocratic, diverse, and measured immigration.

Democrat plan: Import tribes, make politics tribal.

Conversely, the only way the Republicans have a chance in the future is to stop illegal immigration. Witness California.

Israel: Not A Lot To Choose From

Israel: Not A Lot To Choose From, by Jim Dunnigan.

It is no secret that many Palestinians become terrorists because they are attracted to the financial rewards, which are considerable for many impoverished (by Fatah corruption and incompetence) young residents of the West Bank.

Palestinians who are jailed, injured or killed (martyred) while trying to kill Israelis receive large payments from Fatah. For example families of dead terrorists get an immediate payment of $1,700 from Fatah plus monthly payments for the life of the immediate family. These monthly payments ($400 to over $1,000 depending on the number of wives and children) can make a family relatively affluent and open new opportunities, like enough cash to afford a people smuggler who can get one or more family members to the West. …

Fatah is currently paying about $200 million a year to the families of over 26,000 “martyrs” (dead terrorists) as well as smaller payments to 6,000 badly injured while trying to kill Israelis.

Monthly payments to jailed Palestinians vary according to how long they have been in jail, how many dependents they have and so on. There are also bonuses for how many Israelis the prisoner killed or injured. Some of these convicts get over $50,000 a year. Fatah currently spends nearly $200 million a year to reward over 6,000 jailed terrorists….

Fatah and Hamas together currently spend over $400 million a year to make murder economically attractive to many young Palestinians and their families.

Nudge theory writ large.

Lefties want to live in a country where you will be judged by the color of your skin

Lefties want to live in a country where you will be judged by the color of your skin.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) is an influential Democratic Congresswoman, one of the four in the “squad”, along with Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota..

Facebook Won’t Say Whether Banned Individuals Can Use Libra Despite Claiming To Be ‘Politically Neutral’

Facebook Won’t Say Whether Banned Individuals Can Use Libra Despite Claiming To Be ‘Politically Neutral’. By Tyler Durden.

Facebook’s second day of Congressional hearings over Libra was by most accounts a total debacle – between Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-CA) suggesting that the social media giant ‘shouldn’t launch’ the cryptocurrency – as new currencies should be ‘left to democratically accountable institutions,’ and another lawmaker accusing the company of ‘winging it.’

Perhaps the most significant revelation, however, was Facebook executive and Libra head David Marcus giving a disturbing answer over whether individuals banned from Facebook will be allowed to use the digital currency, while also claiming that the Libra Association will remain politically neutral.

Imagine not being able to use the currency unless you agree to their politics. Brave new world!

The left is becoming unreachable by conversation, facts, or reasoning

The left is becoming unreachable by conversation, facts, or reasoning. By Jeffrey Brown.

There exists in this country a cultivated mindset that conservatives are all things evil. We have gradually devolved into fictional characters, invented by the left, and animated by whatever awful thoughts, beliefs, and imaginary actions the anti-American hate cult can conjure up, mostly on the basis that we still have faith, or love our country, or believe in true justice rather than socialist justice. …

There exists in this country a cultivated mindset that conservatives are all things evil. We have gradually devolved into fictional characters, invented by the left, and animated by whatever awful thoughts, beliefs, and imaginary actions the anti-American hate cult can conjure up, mostly on the basis that we still have faith, or love our country, or believe in true justice rather than socialist justice. …

The left’s tactic of defining its enemies seems to have succeeded so well that it can’t be corrected by mere conversation and evidence. When every word we speak is instantly rejected on the basis of imaginary biases and prejudices we don’t have, but which are imposed upon us by those who hold them, the ability to converse is permanently smothered.

It has taken generations to fracture the country, but the left’s adherents are now almost unreachable. The country consists now of those who hate virulently, and those who are accused of doing so but don’t. Perhaps that is changing, but not in a positive way. That is, rational, decent Americans are getting truly sick and tired of the asylum’s tactics, and are trying to figure out their options in the shrinking vestiges of traditional America.

Realizing our situation is not yet exactly synonymous, some of us find ourselves thinking about what the Jews may have thought as they saw Germany rot from within, changing from a modern civilization in which they were free and equal to a barbaric hate cult driven by lies and disinformation about them. They must have wondered where they could go, and when they should go there, to beat the coming tsunami of evil that was intended to crush them. They saw and heard about the squads of radicals, agents of the party in power, attacking Jews in the street, driven by lies and human evil unchecked, with the assailants knowing they would face no punishment for doing the work of the Party. They heard their government smear them, defame them and condemn them, and then their fellow citizens, all on the basis of lies propagated by those who sought totalitarian control and domination. They were told what rights would be taken from them, and the dwindling opportunities they would have to exist in their own country. When the disinformation campaign was complete, though they had done nothing wrong, they became the internal enemy. They became the personification of all that the Party said was wrong with the country, and as such, they became less than human. They became targets.

The left is increasingly an anti-white coalition. Identity politics is a means of assembling that coalition. “Diversity” is mutating into code for “anti-white.” It’s sneaking up on us, but has become a lot more obvious in the last year in the US.

So much that the left says is easily interpreted as anti white culture, anti white religion, anti white achievements, anti white abilities, anti white everything — they just don’t use the word “white.”

The more radical the leftist, the more this is obvious. A lot of unsuspecting moderate leftists are being drawn along in the slipstream. But we are rapidly approaching the point where allowing them to indulge their psychoses and tolerate their obvious nonsense has to end, because it is getting dangerously tribal.

Attacks on ‘white & male’ Moon landing prove no US achievement is too big for liberals to destroy

Attacks on ‘white & male’ Moon landing prove no US achievement is too big for liberals to destroy. By Igor Ogorodnev.

Attempts to diminish the triumph of Apollo 11 and to reassign credit don’t just taint the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, but presage the technological decline of the US if it persists with identity politics.

With the Founding Fathers now rarely mentioned in the media without side notes about their slave ownership, and the Betsy Ross flag offensive to Colin Kaepernick and Nike, there is nothing new about liberal attempts to strike at the very heart of American identity. …

“Hidden Figures,” the Oscar-winning film from 2016 was the perfect archetype of this revisionist history, exaggerating and fictionalizing the role of a cadre of politically suitable black women, who did an entirely replaceable job and were no more important than thousands of others involved. …

But while this unifying narrative, where people of different races and varying attainments are placed alongside each other in anniversary pieces, a more sour, radicalized note has begun to surface, compared to celebrations even five years ago, in the prelapsarian era of Barack Obama.

It is not yet dominant, but persistent enough to be more than a coincidence.

“In archival Apollo 11 photos and footage, it’s a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ exercise to spot a woman or person of color,” it continued in the article itself.

“We chose to go to the moon. Or at least, some did: watching [documentary film] Apollo 11, it is impossible not to observe that nearly every face you see is white and male,” left-wing magazine New Statesman wrote in a recent piece.

A recent Guardian review of the documentary Armstrong features the writer talking about “good ol’ boys from NASA – elderly white men every one of them, who you suspect are still pining for the days of American life when men were men and women waited by the phone in headscarves,” though no evidence is given for the assertion.

This is not just bigoted, but astonishing in its unfairness. …

Rewriting history is a crucial weapon in the long-term culture war for the left, disappointed so often at the ballot box. But the implications of this go far beyond the past.

At the very edge of technological and scientific progress is a meritocracy – you can’t make someone a genius by appointing them. And for all the social changes, the key innovators at NASA and, more importantly, Silicon Valley, remain men, and predominantly white (though more often Asian). Whether it is more due to their superior opportunities, education or creativity, Elon Musk or Larry Page look just like the fathers of the space program.

It’s morphing into anti-white racism, barely disguised.

America Needs to Rediscover Tact,

America Needs to Rediscover Tact, by Peggy Noonan.

Who teaches civic tact now?

What has taken its place in our political culture is a spirit of maximalism — let’s rub their faces in it.

In New York six months ago it wasn’t enough to pass one of the most radical pro-abortion laws in the land; you had to light up the World Trade Center and the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in pink lights to celebrate. So that even the skyline approves of what you did. You say you do this because you’re happy. You do it to rub the opposition’s faces in it.

Before all that and most famously there was “bake my cake.” You’re not allowed simply to absorb the nation’s changing ways; you have to become part of my wedding even if your faith prohibits this, and if you don’t, I’ll gather my friends and kill your business. Progressives cannot understand what a wound this was to conservative Christians, who were obeying the law but hoped not to be pushed around. …

Racism, racism, racism (whatever that means now):

In the past, whether you were racist could be judged by your actions. You held ugly biases, you said or did things that were definitionally discriminatory. The bad news is that you were this way, but the good news is that you could change. …

So there was hope. …

Now the idea has taken hold that the charge of racism doesn’t derive from thoughts and actions, from what people say and do, but from who they are. If you are white that accident of birth left you racist, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ve got white privilege. You are unconsciously favored, and unconsciously assign disfavor. Either way you’re guilty. No action or word can turn this around.

So change is not possible; improvement will not happen. There’s no way out.

So American can only get rid of racism by … getting rid of whites.

When the left calls for eliminating racism, is that a call to genocide? It rather does seem to be what they are getting at.

Trump disavows ‘send her back’ chant from his rally

Trump disavows ‘send her back’ chant from his rally. By Quint Forgey.

President Donald Trump claimed Thursday he “was not happy” with the crowd at his campaign rally for chanting “send her back,” after he had goaded the North Carolina audience with a fiery attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“I was not happy with it. I disagree with it. But again, I didn’t say that. They did. But I disagree with it,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, adding that he “started speaking very quickly” in an attempt to silence the rally attendees.

Democrats Can’t Take Their Own Medicine

Democrats Can’t Take Their Own Medicine, by Steven Hayward.

I can imagine Trump at some point next year getting up and saying, “Never before in all our history have these forces [the media and the opposition party] been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.”

Actually those are the words of President Franklin Roosevelt in his last major campaign speech before the 1936 election. … FDR was much less subtle in 1932…:

That theory belongs to the party of Toryism, and I had hoped that most of the Tories left this country in 1776. But it is not and never will be the theory of the Democratic Party.

So Republicans should leave the country! …

I have a huge file of these. (I’m omitting my very large roster of “Reagan is Hitler” quotes.)

What I don’t have are any instances — not one — of a Washington Post or New York Times editorial calling out liberals for extreme or “divisive” rhetoric. That’s a one-way ratchet, as we all know.

Liberals are free to call Republicans any crazy thing they want, and even to suggest (like FDR) that they are un-American and ought to consider leaving the country, but if a Republican ever talks back, we see liberals get a case of the vapors. …

Let’s recur once more to Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 for an exit line: “But the resolute enemy within our gates is ever ready to beat down our words unless in greater courage we will fight for them.” Please remind me again of why Trump is uniquely ripping up our political “norms”?

Lots more at the link.

The New Conversation in the USA

The New Conversation in the USA, by Julie Kelly.

Since Election Night [in 2016], I’ve been called a racist, a moron, an idiot, a traitor to my gender, and un-American. I’ve been accused of supporting a rapist and a Russian agent. I’ve been questioned about what kind of mother I am to my daughters. Trust me, this is a short list …

A vicious environment all Trump voters/supporters have endured for three years. Meanwhile, Dems like Omar demean our country and threaten to strip us of our vote — OUR RIGHTS — by impeaching a president they detest. How exactly should Trump voters respond? Gee, let’s compromise?


The Left started this race war. They degrade citizenship. They trash Americans. They shoot at GOP congressmen and target pro-life high schoolers and chase people out of public spaces. They make the dangerous Nazi comparisons. They jeopardize our security and tranquility

The Dems and media and NeverTrump LIED for more than two years that Trump had colluded with the Kremlin to steal the election. Innocent people were investigated by their own government and harassed by the media and mocked by the public. To date no one has been held accountable.

And what, now we’re supposed to watch our manners? Just take the abuse with a smile? Listen to ungrateful, unaccomplished, spoiled lawmakers insult us and this country and the president and what, be kind?

No thanks.

There’s been a sea change since Trump implicitly called out the left on their anti-white racism. This will affect all of the West before long.

The Media Power of the Left

The Media Power of the Left, by the Z-blog.

The trick the Left has evolved is to use their media power to tell stories. If it is the choice between the truth and an obvious lie, the public will pick the truth. If it is a choice between the unvarnished truth and a lie wrapped in a heroic tale of moral courage, the public will always side with the latter. Thus mass media is an endless series of morality tales, a Dionysia to reinforce Progressive civic morality. All the actors on the stage are cast in service to the morality tale the Left is pushing.

That’s the real lesson dissidents need to grasp. It’s not that the Left controls the media or that they are expert at using it. It’s not even that they have people like Richard Spencer ready to play whatever role they need, as long as he can get on stage. It’s that the Left maximizes this power by always fighting a moral war. They never let facts and reason become an obstacle to their morality play. It’s always about controlling public morality, as that allows them to control public behavior.

If a genuine alternative is going to rise up, it is going to have to provide an alternative to the current moral framework. In order to that, it must cast the issues in explicitly moral terms. You don’t convert people to a new religion by explaining how their current god is empirically flawed. You offer them a better moral framework, one that allows them to feel as if their self-interest coincides with the natural moral order. That means putting on better morality plays in your own Dionysia.

Do You Truly Have Free Will? How we’re constantly at war with our biological programming

Do You Truly Have Free Will? How we’re constantly at war with our biological programming. By Chris Martenson.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

~ Carl Jung

Initially, I assumed that the “unconscious” he referred to the place in our brains where our experiences, beliefs and memories are undetectably stored. You know, psychology stuff: ego, subconscious, id. Old memories from childhood lurking beneath the conscious frame of reference, directing thoughts and coloring our current experiences. In other words, post-birth experiences that came from nurture; the environment in which we were raised.

As if we’re born as blank slates written upon by our parents, friends and the larger culture we grow up in.

Perhaps given the state of science at the time, that’s all that Jung did mean.

But now we have a lot more science to expand that quote out into some truly mind-boggling territory. In my mind, it’s now a case of including both nature and nurture into the equation.

More and more scientific research is revealing that our slates are only partially blank at birth, ready to accept whatever chalk lines might get drawn by life. But the majority of the remaining territory is already marked at conception with engraved instructions.

For me personally, it has been incredibly liberating to discover that only some of my unconscious scripts were installed after birth.

The person that I call “I” or “Me” is a bundle of reactions, some of which were pre-programmed and some of which have been learned, and most of which are a combination of both. The same is true for you. Our lives are a complex combination of both nature and nurture mixing like fluids to influence our experience of life. …

I now more broadly interpret “unconscious” to mean anything that you aren’t aware of that’s causing you to respond with certain actions, or experience things in a certain way. It could be something from your past long buried (nurture) or it could be hard-wired into your neurochemical response set (nature). Similarly, as long as it’s operating undetected by your conscious mind, yet resulting in certain responses, I’m calling that the “unconscious”, too. …


The current Epstein sexual predator case just reminds us that many men often live out their lives thoroughly subject to the biology of sexual hormones and the drive to reproduce, with about as much free will as a rutting elk during mating season. …

Women can somehow detect better genetic matches [of immune systems] using their noses. But where the study got really interesting — and made the Jung quote explode in many directions for me — is when it further revealed that women who are on birth control pills lose this nose-DNA-detecting superpower. The pharmaceuticals act as a disrupting agent.

Now imagine the poor woman who gets married, decides it’s time to have children, goes off her birth control pill and then, once her hormones have shifted back to her natural baseline, wakes up one day thinking “Crikey, who is this loser?” Somewhere deep and ancient inside her, the former ‘man of her dreams’ now smells entirely wrong. A bad match.

So, they break up, at great emotional, logistical and financial disturbance. She moves on, goes back on the pill, marries another great guy and then repeats the whole process. Again, the new man just smells wrong.

Lacking the proper frame for what is happening, she manufactures all sorts of stories to match the experience. “He’s a bad provider. Doesn’t share my interests. Doesn’t speak my love language. Has bad hygiene…”

Which explains a lot of modern life, perhaps. Feminism, anyone?

Identity politics is actually just anti-white politics

Identity politics is actually just anti-white politics, by the Z-Blog.

Non-white identity politics [in the US] can only exist where white people are in sufficient numbers to keep the water flowing and the lights working.

That’s because identity politics is actually just anti-white politics. It is an entirely negative identity. No public white person would dare say such a thing, but that’s the truth of it and more and more white people are waking up to it.

The old paleocons can pearl-clutch this stuff all they like, but there is no turning back from it. Lecturing white America on the dangers of identity politics is now getting people killed. The only responsible thing to say in front of a white audience on the subject is the truth. What animates the new faces of the Democrat party, for example, is a hatred of white people.

Of course, one reason why the people railing against identity politics do so exclusively in front of white audiences is they fear this truth settling in on whites. That’s why tirades against white nationalism often coincide with the tirades against identity politics. They are two sides of the same coin, which is a fear that whites will begin to see their collective interests as primary.

If in the next election whites vote their skin, Trump wins a fifty state landslide and 70% of the popular vote.

At the risk of over-making the point, these lectures to whites about identity politics are more insidious than they seem at first blush. … They are built on the assumption that the worst of all identity politics is white identity politics. Blacks embracing their racial awareness is not only ignored, but often celebrated by the same people fretting over white identity. Jewish identity, of course, is the greatest of all possible things. …

White identity, well, that’s the worst and that’s why these lectures against identity politics never happen in front of non-whites. David French does not spend his days going to colleges demanding they junk their black studies departments. The boys at various Koch Brothers rackets are not going to the grievance studies departments, holding seminars on the dangers of identity politics. Instead, rants against identity politics are only aimed at white audiences, because white identity is what they fear. …

In fairness, a lot of the hooting about identity politics from civic nationalists is just alienation dressed up as nostalgia. They feel the same loss the rest of us feel for an America that is never going to return.

Commenter LineInTheSand:

I am predisposed to be an atomized individual but I couldn’t ignore that most non-whites are tribal and attack whites and are celebrated for it, while whites are excoriated for the same.

I have loved ones who boil with anger when they see a white family with three children due to “overpopulation” but feel compassion for an unmarried black mother with six kids.

You may not be interested in race but race is interested in you.

Our New Planet Is Going to Be Great!

Our New Planet Is Going to Be Great! By Steve Sailer.

The fundamental issue of the 2020 presidential campaign is rapidly becoming whether or not America’s whites, as exemplified in the person of Donald Trump, have the right to block the world’s blacks and Muslims, as exemplified in the person of Somalia-born Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), from immigrating en masse to the United States.

Or is the entire notion of white citizens democratically voting to keep out nonwhites too racistly triggering for more enlightened entities, such as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, to allow?

Steve updates his most important population graph:

Do American and European white voters have the right to say no to the hundreds of millions of blacks and Muslims who will want to flee the messes they’ve made of their own countries?

Or would restricting immigration by nonwhites be “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” and therefore unthinkable? …

That question won’t be going away any time soon.

Meanwhile the left predicated their electoral success on one outcome:

As a Coalition of the Fringes, the only thing that holds together the Democrats is demonizing core Americans. Without ever increasingly whipping up hatred of whites, what is there to keep the Democrats’ collection of miscellaneous identity groups from turning on each other? …

When you stop and think about it, it’s kind of nuts that Americans sacralize foreign elites like Omar (her family was high-enough ranking in the old dictatorship that when it fell, her fellow Somalis wanted to kill them as vengeance) from the worst-run countries on Earth and pay them to lecture us on how the only thing that will save us is letting in more of them.

For example, I recently reviewedThis Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto” by the white-hating Calcutta-born NYU professor Suketu Mehta:

I claim the right to the United States, for myself and my children and my uncles and cousins, by manifest destiny…. It’s our country now.

After all, it’s a terrible burden that people from Somalia and India take on to move to deplorable America, but our sacred newcomers just happen to have a lot more cousins back home who are willing to redeem us with their vibrant diversity. Their relatives are so much more moral than you racists Americans that they will sacrifice themselves by moving here for the good of our souls. …

Omar is going to work for the good of her clan by trying to undermine America’s borders so more Africans can move here.

There are lots more where she came from. …

The ongoing African population explosion is likely to be at least as globally destabilizing as climate change, yet we seldom hear about it.

Democrats Are One Hundred Percent Wrong about Racism

Democrats Are One Hundred Percent Wrong about Racism, by Roger Simon.

To say that the Democrats are obsessed with race these days is the equivalent of saying the sky is blue.

I’m a racist. You’re a racist. Donald Trump’s a racist. Nancy Pelosi was a racist until she attacked Trump for racism. Your neighbor’s a racist. Your insurance broker’s a racist. Your dentist’s a racist as well as your periodontist. All white males are racist. Some white females are racists, especially those married to white males. Everywhere a racist.

Never mind that many of those people have no history of racism. It doesn’t matter. Never mind that their families came here in 1923 to flee the Armenian Holocaust or mass starvation in Ukraine, they owe reparations for slavery. It’s all about racism—yours.

The Dems’ presidential campaigns are based around proving the other man or woman is more of a racist and vice versa, or about showing you’re not so racist as people say you are, even if you are or even if you pretended to be a race you weren’t. And don’t you dare criticize Ilhan Omar or you’re a triple-racist even if her ideas are more racist than anyone else’s. Got it?

And above all, and never forget this because it is of paramount importance—otherwise we should all check ourselves into those concentration camps on the border and subsist on toilet water—what this country needs most of all is a CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE.

No, the author goes on to point out, the left have it exactly backwards on race.