Welcome to the Virtue Olympics, where Israel Folau is the target

Welcome to the Virtue Olympics, where Israel Folau is the target, by The Mocker.

Former Wallabies player Israel Folau may be a pariah at the major sporting arenas, but his name will forever be associated with one the greatest contests of the millennium, and that is the Virtue Olympics.

The defining event is the wokeathon, a superhuman event where athletes are tested in various disciplines, including self-righteousness, contrived anger, condescension, and ham acting. And what a stupendous performance it was from this week’s winner, former Australian netball captain Liz Ellis.

“This is the segment that I just want to sigh,” said the Sports Sunday host last weekend as she exhaled theatrically for the camera. …

“I’m the same as you,” said her co-panellist and Sydney Morning Herald columnist Peter FitzSimons. “I’m just exhausted by the whole thing.”

“Over it”, Ellis replied tersely, thus making it clear to the audience this distasteful subject was beneath her. She received a near perfect score from the wokeathon judges. A more worthy recipient of the gold medal I cannot think of offhand, although in hindsight she could have earned even higher points had she literally held her nose to symbolise Folau’s moral repugnance. …

Calls to fire Maria Folau too are definitely a step too far:

Ellis tweeted … “As much as I love watching @MariaFolau play netball I do not want my sport endorsing the views of her husband.’’

This is the level which we have descended to — we now target the spouses of those who have committed so-called hate speech by demanding vicarious dismissal. What else, Liz Ellis — should we forcibly shave Maria’s head and make her do the Walk of Atonement a la Game of Thrones? What better way to establish our tolerance credentials than hurling insults and filth at her. …

Peter Fitzsimmons:

“We the people (there he goes again) need to harness our rage at #Folau and do something useful with it,” he said. Harnessing “our” rage? Congratulations, Fitz, you have officially become the Margo Kingston of sports journalists. …

Bullies and control freaks:

Perhaps like the entire community looks to a sports show host for bigotry-awareness training. “Let’s not shy away from it,” wrote Ellis in her defensive apologia this week. “This whole thing is about homophobia.” Actually, let’s not shy away from the fact that those in the school of social justice jurisprudence frequently resort to aggression, bullying, and ostracising to further their cause.