Transgender Colorado STEM Shooter Motivated by Revenge Over Pronouns, Bullying

Transgender Colorado STEM Shooter Motivated by Revenge Over Pronouns, Bullying, by Tyler O’Neil.

On May 7, two teens opened fire in the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colo., injuring eight students and claiming the life of 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, who heroically sacrificed himself to stop the shooting.

Early rumors suggested one of the shooters was transgender, and court documents released Thursday confirm that one of the suspects was motivated to carry out the shooting due to other students rejecting her gender identity.

During a police interview, 18-year-old Devon Erickson said 16-year-old biological female Maya McKinney — who identifies as male and goes by the name Alec — warned him not to go to school the night before the shooting.

According to the Snapchat message, McKinney told Erickson she wanted to get revenge “on a lot of people.” She told police that classmates called her “disgusting,” made fun of her, and referred to her “as a she,” despite her transgender identity, the Associated Press reported. …

Erickson, a registered Democrat, expressed hatred for Christians who uphold the biblical position on traditional sexuality. He also attacked Donald Trump and praised Barack Obama on social media. …

Kendrick Castillo, the one casualty, was a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic charity that has been demonized by Democrats due to its opposition to LGBT pride. …

This shooting does not prove or even suggest that transgender people in general are a threat, but the grievances promoted by a pro-transgender culture can become explosive. Americans should be able to disagree on these issues while still being civil to one another, and this shooting tragically shows that civility is breaking down.

You didn’t hear about that in the media. In their narrative, transgender is next to  godliness and shooters can only be non-left deplorables or radical Muslims.

Political correctness has become an immediate danger — people are getting shot over it.