Greens Senator speaks at extremist event, media silent AGAIN!

Greens Senator speaks at extremist event, media silent AGAIN! By Lucas Rosas.

Last month Greens Senator for NSW Mehreen Faruqi spoke at a public protest against Mark Latham organised by Socialist Alternative, a group that wants to violently overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian socialist state. …

For those unaware Socialist Alternative is the largest, best organised, and in recent years best-resourced political extremist group in Australia today. They openly call for the division of Australia into rival groups and the stirring up of a civil war leading to a revolution that they believe will bring them to power. Once attaining this power they plan to implement a totalitarian Marxist state where freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom to belong to a non-government political party and the freedom to own property will all be abolished. They also intend to abolish the flag, the constitution, the parliaments, the defence force, the police, the judiciary, the concept of gender, our nation’s borders and the idea of the nation of Australia itself. …

Yet Senator Mehreen Faruqi was happy to associate herself with them at a protest they organised to oppose the “extremism” of One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham who at that time had just been elected to the NSW upper house.

Ignorance is no excuse here. Senator Faruqi was speaking in front of a giant sign that said “Socialist Alternative” on it and was speaking alongside well-known Socialist Alternative organiser Hersha Kadkol. The idea that she didn’t know who she was endorsing by her presence is laughable.

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Meanwhile the media is off chasing One Nation for talking to the US NRA, or something. Our media lies by omission.