Reflections in Munich

Reflections in Munich, by Bruce Bawer.

While individual Muslims can be extremely friendly and hospitable, Islam, as such, when you get right down to it, is an ideology of contempt, contumely, and conquest.

From birth, its adherents are taught that it is inappropriate for them to live for very long as passive subjects in infidel lands, and that it is only natural for them to do everything they can — exert pressure, claim victimhood, demand censorship, blow things up — to wrest power, over time, from the infidel.

Owing to this imperative, there is a bullying quality that is intrinsic to Islam, an attribute that, when experienced in Germany, of all places, cannot but bring to mind the fierce, brutal truculence at heart of Nazism itself …

Anyway, strolling around Munich and espying some of the burg’s newest denizens, I’ve been reminded that while the Führer was famously consistent in his passionate Jew-hatred, he actually found Islam appealing – and many Muslims felt the same way about Nazism, which is why hundreds of thousands of them traveled long distances to serve in the Wehrmacht and SS. Part of the mutual attraction between Nazis and Muslims, naturally, had to do with their shared loathing for Jews; but another part was that each side appreciated the bellicose qualities of the other. While Hitler considered Christianity “effeminate,” he glorified Islam “as a strong and aggressive warrior religion.”

Both Nazism and Islam, moreover, revere order. Both cherish discipline. Both see individual liberty as anarchy. This is why so many Westerners convert to Islam: freedom, as the planners of the Iraq War never understood, isn’t for everybody. Some people prefer being part of a pack. They enjoy following orders. Marching in lockstep gives them a feeling of security, of belonging, of collective identity and meaning. This is also why the EU has so many fans.


We all know what the words “contempt” and “conquest” mean. But how many of us have ever heard of the word “contumely”?

A good definition of the word is, “harsh language or treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt. Also: an instance of such language or treatment”.