Apes Flying Planes

Apes Flying Planes, by the Z-Blog.

Imagine what happens when a people become too stupid to maintain the technology created by their ancestors.

This is something that would be predicted by social cycle theory. As the ruling elites, the smart fraction, sees its fertility rate decline, the overall IQ of the people declines. There could reach a point where the society no longer has the social capital to maintain the social and material complexity created by their ancestors. At some point, their world becomes chimps flying airplanes. …

Now, the evidence is strong that Europeans are getting dumber, and that is putting aside the issues related to immigration. …

The social instability of the West, things like the inability to control borders and the revival of primitive beliefs, promoted by female shamans, could very well be due to the decline of general intelligence. The people populating the machinery for running a modern Western society no longer possess the intelligence to properly operate the machinery….

Put another way, the society created by our ancestors of just a few generations ago is beyond the event horizon of our modern ruling and intellectual elites. The physical manifestations are all around us, but the cultural aptitude to create and maintain such a world is now beyond the reach of our elites. While they remain smarter and more sophisticated than the main body of citizens, they are relatively primitive compared to their ancestors and as a result we are ruled by people puzzled by their own inheritance.

A much bigger problem than “global warming”, which is a mostly imaginary problem caused by an error in the climate models made in the 1960s — and has turned into a religion, where temperature is measured from thermometers near artificial warming sources. Sad.

Technological progress is falling to an ever smaller, and not quite reproducing, class of smart people. Not sustainable. Don’t be fooled by the “smart” phones.

Democracy also requires a certain level of sophistication of the electorate.

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