Tucker: Warren’s plan for US workers sounds like ‘Trump at his best’

Tucker: Warren’s plan for US workers sounds like ‘Trump at his best’. Economic nationalism trumps libertarian theories. To be fair, those theories assume a world with freedom of capital and movement of people, of high-functioning, high-trust individuals — a world that we don’t have.


My understanding of things has changed a lot only recently. We have not had an American president champion Americans since Reagan.

All four presidents we have had since then have hurt American workers, while the elites prospered. How many factories did they close with their trade deals? How many jobs were lost? Isn’t it possible that these four presidents have created the despair that invigorated the opioid crisis? Letting China into the WTO was a terrible thing. Biden even says we are not competing with China, which proves he is the village idiot.

Isn’t it time that we had a president that championed Americans for a change? I think we might just have one now. The Chamber of Commerce still wants the cheap labor that comes across the border that undermines American workers and their wages. Why hasn’t E verify been implemented to protest American and fine companies that hire illegals?

This is not just a Republican/Democrat thing. One is as bad as the other. The elites come first. Be an American president first.

America’s Demise In One Simple Chart – The Path To A FIRE Economy, by Global Macro Monitor.

The U.S. economy jumped the shark in 1990 when FIRE [finance, insurance, and real estate] overtook the manufacturing sector in terms of its contribution to GDP.

Paper shuffling overtook making real stuff back in 1990.

In the same vain, it’s often overlooked that the main export of the US is US dollars. The US manufactures US dollars, and the rest of the world sends the US real goods and services in order to obtain them. The rest of the world mostly uses US dollars for trade — for example, oil is bought and sold in US dollars, and Australia needs US dollars to buy oil from Saudi Arabia.

So there is an extra demand for US dollars that no other currency has, which drives up its price. Which makes American labor more expensive than elsewhere. It’s the curse of having the world’s reserve currency — the US gets “free” stuff, but loses competitiveness.

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