Boycott This!

Boycott This! By John Hinderaker.

A basic fact of our time is the asymmetry between left and right. Liberals boycott Chick-fil-A, while it would not occur to conservatives to inquire into the political leanings of owners of companies whose sandwiches we like. Liberals go crazy on social media, promoting assassination fantasies, weird conspiracy theories and the like, while conservatives are posting photos of their grandchildren. Liberals follow state legislation and make business decisions based on a state’s political complexion, while conservatives do business where it makes economic sense, and vacation where they think they will have fun. The cultural divide between us and them is deep.

Should conservatives emulate the Left’s boycott strategy? It goes against our instincts, but if we want the Left to back off, we may need to imitate their methods. Maybe conservatives can deter moronic boycotts of states like Georgia and Alabama by demonstrating that we have the power to boycott, too. Perhaps companies led by conservatives–there are a few left–should avoid blue states like New York and California when they schedule meetings and conventions.

If we want to consider boycotting products, Gillette is an obvious possibility.