Dick Morris: Trump Is Waging (and Winning) a Peaceful World War III Against China

Dick Morris: Trump Is Waging (and Winning) a Peaceful World War III Against China – The Western Journal

Dick Morris (former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton – now a definite foe of them both) has noted:

The stakes could not be higher in President Trump’s economic trade war with China. They go far beyond any usual economic conflict and amount to an economic World War III.

Morris also states:

China is run by a handful of men in Beijing who need not pay the slightest attention to the views of those they govern or the nations they dominate. The hope of the world in resisting this quest for domination is the trade war being waged by Donald Trump. His tariffs against China and his economic sanctions are the kind of early intervention that Britain and France should have made when Hitler invaded the Rhineland in 1936.

Morris is also the author of:  “Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary” published months before the 2016 US Presidential Election.

He has  been a very prescient political analyst in his career and this article in the opinion of Wentworthmaven is spot on.

Friends from “Downunder” take note. In the opinion of WWM, should Trump make a “real deal” with China, the Australian Dollar will explode north and along with it, the equities markets.  Whether that occurs is matter for extensive debate. The sticking point of course is that China, (like Iran), loves to tell the West what it wants to hear, but wants no accountability or mechanisms for enforcement. In the words of Ronald Reagan: they want anything but his “Trust but verify”.

The article clearly states that China’s position is, (like most communist/socialist regimes), all about perceived grievance.

The article is short and succinct.  I think this will help clarify what most of this brouhaha is all about.