Get Woke, Go Broke: Australian Rugby family has lost all patience with shrill dogma of administrators

Get Woke, Go Broke: Australian Rugby family has lost all patience with shrill dogma of administrators, by Alan Jones.

Just as in the recent federal election, what Scott Morrison called the “quiet Australians” had only one avenue of protest against Bill Shorten and that was at the ballot box, so the rugby supporter has manifested his/her concern (and there are as many women in revolt as men) by refusing to make the turnstiles turn.

The Waratahs’ support is usually around 15,000, regardless of where they play. Since the Folau issue, that has dipped to 10,000 if you are lucky. …

The Brumbies have slipped from around 8000 per match to 6000 — a 25 per cent drop. Make no mistake, the rugby family have had a gutful. …

The AFL and NRL are lining up for their multibillion-dollar broadcast deals while rugby may well be ditched by Fox Sports; if not ditched, Fox will certainly not be paying rugby anything like their current funding when the new broadcast deal is negotiated next year. … If this is significantly reduced, they won’t be able to fund all four Super Rugby teams. So another franchise or two will have to go.

When are we going to face the reality, post-Folau, that, due to the mismanagement of our game by the board and the executive, we could be bankrupt in 12 months. …

The face of PC at Rugby Australia, CEO Raelene Castle

Among the thousands of comments to my recent articles, Dean says: “This is a disgraceful episode. RA have lost the plot. More interested in PC and sponsors than fans and long-term supporters. I was doubtful of their approach over the Western Force saga. Now with this, I am convinced the game is doomed in this country. I’ve turned it off and am now following the NRL. Sad times.”

Chris says: “Thanks Alan Jones, well said. We’ve gone right to the brink of losing our religious freedoms and a brave-hearted young island boy comes along and courageously stands up to the PC bullies and then holds his ground further to drag them into the law courts. Why on earth haven’t we cleaned out these fraudulent PC parasites who have been parachuted into plumb jobs over the years where they wield their socialist dogma before now? I’ll stand with Israel Folau any day.”

The face of resistance to PC at Rugby Australia, Israel Folau

If the PC crew continue to crack down on religious freedom, we will return to sectarian turmoil and violence. But instead of Catholic versus Protestant, or Islam versus everyone, “sectarian” will come to mean the new religion of political correctness versus the rest.