Much of the plastic sent for “recycling” is simply dumped in the oceans

Much of the plastic sent for “recycling” is simply dumped in the oceans. By Mikko Paunio.

In 2015, the problem of marine litter climbed to the very top of the list of global environmental problems after a landmark study suggested that there are 100 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans.

Regrettably, the study overlooked the share of the blame that can be put on the recycling industry, which has exported 106 million tonnes of plastic waste to China over the past 20 years or more. A significant proportion of this is thought to have ended up in the oceans.

There is now a global congestion in waste management systems, because China’s decided to close its doors to imported plastic waste. …

Even poor countries have been starting to refuse to take it because, with their poor waste management system, they are unable to cope with what they have taken already, let alone the increased volumes that western exporters would like them to take. Much of this material is ending up in the oceans.

Media/leftist silence:

Green NGOs and politicians are keeping quiet because they fear that their role promoting bad policies in the past will come under scrutiny. The media, however, which has parroted green dogma about recycling for years will struggle to avoid mentioning the problems that the industry is facing in the wake of this UN decision.

Except that it is used as an excuse to take our plastic bags and, in some countries, plastic straws.

Incineration is the solution, converting waste to energy. But, like nuclear energy, it has been unfairly and forever damned by lying lefties with agendas.