Taylor Swift just proved my point about feminism’s harm on millennials

Taylor Swift just proved my point about feminism’s harm on millennials, by Suzanne Venker.

[In a recent interview] Taylor Swift gave on a promotional tour in … a German reporter asks Swift if she has children or family on her mind since she turns 30 this year.

A quick caveat: I feel compelled to write that this question shouldn’t be asked of any woman, as it’s no one’s business but hers. However, such probing questions by the media are inevitable at that level of fame.

Swift is entitled to dodge the question, which she did. But her reason for not answering it speaks volumes: “I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30, so I’m not going to answer that now.

Here’s a newsflash for Swift and other young women who didn’t get the memo: No one asks men that same question because men don’t have a biological clock. Women do.

I know you’ve grown up believing since the day you were born that men and women are, or should be, sexual equals and should thus be treated as identical beings. But sexual equality is a bogus mission (which you will see in time if you ever do have children, for it is then that sex differences become glaringly obvious) because it’s inextricably tethered to a progressive political movement that has no basis in reality. …

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I can’t think of any greater proof that women have, in fact, been bamboozled by feminism than this latest comment by Swift.

Women of her generation — and mine, quite frankly (I’m a Generation Xer) — were taught that America is an oppressive patriarchy and that men and marriage (and children) hold women back from being their true selves. But a technological revolution, along with social media, upped the ante for millennials, who were raised to be entitled and self-involved. (The title of Swift’s new single, “Me!”, makes this abundantly clear.) They were also told that uncommitted sex can be harmless fun, that marriage is optional even if you want kids, and that divorce is inevitable for many women because men are Neanderthals.

Classic politically correct fantasy versus reality. (2/2 for today.)