Tommy Robinson sulks after humiliating defeat in European elections

Tommy Robinson sulks after humiliating defeat in European elections, by Joe Roberts.

Tommy Robinson has hit out at being banned on Facebook and Twitter as he suffered a humiliating defeat in the European elections.

The former English Defence League leader, who was hit with several milkshakes during the campaign, played down his chances of winning while speaking at the count in Manchester.

He said he had faced a ‘near impossible task’ in attempting to win one of the eight seats available.

Robinson said it was not a fair campaign as he was unable to get across his message on social media platforms. ‘I am not allowed social media,’ he said. ‘I am not able to interact with the public.’

He added: ‘But more than anything every community I have gone to – every working class estate – I have so felt loved, (more) than I have ever felt in my life.’