Gillette Gets Woker: Celebrates Dad Teaching Transgender ‘Son’ to Shave

Gillette Gets Woker: Celebrates Dad Teaching Transgender ‘Son’ to Shave, by Neil Munro.

Gillette’s latest advertisement sympathetically shows a woman “transitioning” to be a man with the help of male shaving products.

The risky advert echoes the feminist campaign to blur the biological differences between men and women by suggesting that women can become men with the help of some Gillette shaving products. …

Instead of associating their shaving products with the valued idea of masculinity, Gillette’s managers associate their products with the feminist claim that men’s masculinity is unrelated to biology and is instead “socially constructed” by vague forces in society.

This feminist claim that the two male and female sexes are “socially constructed” is a vital political foundation for the transgender movement, which is now urging many teenage girls and boys — including depressed girls and gay boys — to reconstruct their bodies with the aid of surgeries, drugs, and hormones. …

The Democratic Party fully backs this ideological claim and says that federal laws should help people liberate themselves from their bodies to choose the “gender identity” which they prefer.

Polls show the public opposes this transgender trend, and also oppose the feminist demand to blur the two different, equal, and complementary sexes.

Gillette’s management doesn’t care so much about their sales as winning approval from their peers in the elite globalist class. Winning awards is more important than winning sales. … Get woke, go broke!