Elites blissfully out of touch with ordinary voters

Elites blissfully out of touch with ordinary voters, by Maurice Newman.

Like Democrats claiming the American college system was rigged against them, the moral legitimacy of the just-elected Morrison government is already being questioned.

ABC presenter Fran Kelly was the first to ask: “Who really won this election — Scott Morrison or Clive Palmer?”

Perhaps she was channelling Labor Party national president Wayne Swan, who complained that a “$60 million spend by a conservativ­e-aligned billionaire in a preference recycling scheme for the Liberal and National Party cannot be allowed to stand”. Is Mr Swan calling for a fresh election? …

Clueless inhabitants of the left’s echo chamber:

Well may the media class wonder­ why it failed to pick the Trump victory in the US, the Brexit vote, the Indian election outcome and a Coalition majority government. Like pre-Revolution Russian aristocrats, the “intellectual” elite remains blissfully out of touch with and contemptuous of the lives of ordinary voters.

Little wonder that those voters trust only the ballot box with their political secrets. In a poll or a vox-pop, who wants to appear as a dumb, bigoted, greedy, mean-spirited­, coal-loving, climate-change denier? No doubt, the media left will console itself that blame for the Coalition victory lies with Palmer’s campaign, the Murdoch­ press, Sky after dark, ­insufficient time to explain comple­x policies, ignorant voters, and a Coalition scare campaign.

There will be no introspection. No thought given to groupthink, bias by omission, lack of integrity or fake news. Certainly not their unconvincing propaganda pushed as consensus opinion.

What are the left going to do about the election? Some are copying the US left:

Now Greenpeace is hitting back. The “climate-change elect­ion” verdict is unacceptable. It ­incites civil disobedience “to take the power back”.

Greens leader Richard Di Natal­e says he wants to regulate the media. Oliver Yates, the failed green “independent” candidate for the seat of Kooyong, tweeted: “I would seek to have the Murdoch­ press’s licence to operate in Australia removed if they continue to threaten our democracy and our safety.”