Bojo Has Lost His Mojo. Britain Needs a New Margaret Thatcher

Bojo Has Lost His Mojo. Britain Needs a New Margaret Thatcher, by James Delingpole.

What very few inside the bubble have realised is the degree to which things have changed, and changed utterly, since the Brexit genie was let out of the bottle in June 2016. The Brexit genie changed a lot of things.  …

The current favourite to replace Theresa May is Boris Johnson. But I worry that Bojo has lost his mojo.

I noticed this last October at the Conservative Party conference when he gave his big speech: there were queues round the block; everyone wanted to be there for the moment when Boris staked his claim as the heir to Thatcher — or, as I rather hoped at the time, the British Donald Trump.

But he fluffed it. It was competent, but unmemorable. Neither then nor since has Boris shown any indication that he understands the scale of the task ahead of him. The Conservative Party is in such a bad way it doesn’t need a loveable buffoon to jolly it along and give the chaps and chapesses a bit of a fillip. It needs a cancer surgeon. …

I worry first that Boris lacks the ruthlessness to rid himself of such albatrosses from the old, discredited Cameron/May order.

I worry even more so that he lacks the ideological rigour to do what is necessary to transform the Conservative Party and make it electable again.

Boris has repeatedly invoked the spectre of One Nation Toryism. So, it seems, have pretty much all the other candidates – apart from Dominic Raab (making him my favourite among the favourites).

But One Nation Toryism is just one of those empty, all-things-to-all-men phrases which means nothing more than “Please like me everyone. I promise I won’t do anything too radical that might upset anyone.”

And what Conservatism needs right now is not more of the squishy, apologetic, spineless centrism we’ve seen in every Conservative prime minister since John Major. What it needs is a new Thatcher.

Boris perfectly has it within him to be that character — just so long as his Churchillian sense of destiny kicks in and obliterates his appeasing, moderating, sell-out tendencies, such as this utterly stupid idea he has that what we need right now is more climate change action.