Albo left to pick up the pieces

Albo left to pick up the pieces, by Troy Bramston.

Labor has chosen a leader from the hard Left of the party to move it towards the centre. This will be difficult. Albanese will have to abandon much of what he has believed in. His credibility, seen as strength, will be tested. He will also need to accept that voters rejected Labor’s leadership, its policies and many of its modern values.

Few in the party comprehend the scale of Labor’s defeat. It has won a majority of seats at only one federal election, in 2007, in the past 26 years. Labor lost seats and its vote fell. In the suburbs and regions, Labor was defeated in low- and middle-income seats. It suffered swings against it in most of its held seats outside the inner cities. It lost blue-collar voters and aspirational voters. And it needs to get them back to be a viable political party in the future.

Yet, through its control of the bureaucracy, media, and academia, the left has been moving Australian rapidly in its preferred directions. Who really governs the country?